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Town Map

1 - Peak of Mother’s Hill

This is the Peak of Mother’s Hill where you will go to have a great view. You may often spend time here watching the sunset or the sunrise.

2 - Mother’s Hill

This area includes the Peak of Mother’s Hill, Hot Springs, Mines, Lake, etc. The Harvest Goddess is said to live in the Hot Springs up on Mother’s Hill.

3 - Lake Mine

This mine is in the middle of the lake on a tiny island. The mine is only open during the Winter when the lake is frozen over.

4 - Spring Mine

This mine is behind the Hot Springs and it is open year round. There are many levels to dig through so get digging!

5 - Hot Springs

This is where the Hot Springs is located. Come here to rejuvanate your health in the Hot Springs, visit the Harvest Goddess, go Fishing, and even go Mining in the Spring Mine.

6 - Forest

This is where Gotz the woodcutter lives. He lives in the small cabin in the Forest. Come here to buy house extensions and upgrades.

7 - Farm

This is the farm in which you live on. You will spend much of your time here doing your daily chores.

8 - Blacksmith

This is where Saibara the Blacksmith lives. Come here to buy new tools and upgrade your farming tools.

9 - Poultry Farm

This is where you go to buy and sell Chickens. Popuri works and lives on the farm.

10 - Yodel Farm

This is where you go to buy and sell Cows and Sheep. You will also be able to pick up your Horse here.

11 - Aja Winery

This is where Duke and his wife sell many different Wines here.

12 - Doug’s Inn

This is where Doug serves food during the day and liquor at night. Ann also lives here with her dad Doug.

13 - Rose Square

This is where all of the many events are held throughout the year.

14 - Mineral Beach

This is where Zack lives year round and during the Summer the Beach House is open. Come here to go fishing off of the dock or catch some waves. There are a few events held here throughout the year.

15 - Zack’s House

Both the Shipper Zack and the Merchant Won lives here throughout the year.

16 - Basil’s House

This is where Basil lives. The Library is also attached here which is where Mary spends most of her time.

17 - Ellen’s House

This is where Ellen, Elli, and Stu live.

18 - Mayor’s House

This is where the Mayor lives.

19 - Supermarket

This is where you go to buy many different items including seeds to plant crops. Karen lives here with her parents.

20 - Clinic

This is where the Doctor lives and works. Elli will also work here. You will be taken here if you ever take cold.

21 - Church

Weddings, Funerals, and Confessions are held here. Go here daily to confess to Pastor Carter.

22 - Harvest Sprites Home

This is the Harvest Sprites Hut hidden behind the Church. Come here to recruit the Sprites to have them work your farm.

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