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There are currently five bachelors living in Mineral Town, each seeking the affection of a certain eligible bachelorette. Your rival for Ann is Cliff, Elli’s is the Doctor, Karen’s is Rick, Mary’s is Gray, and Popuri’s is Kai. Unless you’re trying to wed the Goddess, each girl will have a potential rival for her affection. However, you’ll have plenty of time to woo her, since the other bachelors won’t get hitched until your fourth year on the farm.

There are four “rival” events to see with each pair, each occurring when the girl is on a black, blue, green, and orange heart. A couple will be married exactly a week after viewing the fourth rival event. More information about the events are included on the boys’ pages.

If you’ve befriended the bachelor, chances are you’ll be invited to his wedding. However, even if you aren’t invited, you may attend it anyway. Head down to the Church exactly 7 days after the fourth and final rival event and Carter himself will invite you to watch (Note that by refusing his offer, you can go around and talk to the wedding guests).

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Cliff is the traveller who wound up in Mineral Town. He’s decided to stay in town for a while, at least until his money runs out. He’s rather reserved and seems to have trouble talking with people; even if you speak to him, he may not even respond. He spends most of his time at the Church at first, keeping to himself.

If you do not, Cliff will marry Ann, the girl who helps run the Inn at which he’s staying. Because Cliff has so much trouble socializing, Ann often offers to help out with this problem and is genuinely friendly with him as a customer of her Inn.

On Fall 14th of your first year after Duke comes to your farm telling you about the wine harvest, you must talk to Cliff and ask him to help out. That way, Cliff will eventually get a part-time job working at the vineyard and will be able to stay in Mineral Town. Otherwise he’ll move out in Winter for lack of funds.

Birthday: Summer 6
Likes: Eggs (scrambled in particular), Curry Rice

Rival Events:

  • Requirements: Spring, after 6:00PM, second floor of the Inn
    When you walk upstairs, you’ll see Cliff in his room. Ann stops by the room to chat. She tells him that they haven’t talked much since he came here, and Cliff just responds by saying “I guess.” Ann, never discouraged easily, continues the conversation by asking him why he came to Mineral Town. Cliff just says he’d rather not talk about it and apologizes for not being able to. Ann tells him that it’s her fault for asking and apologizes for that, saying it’s none of her business. She then tells him that she has to get back to work, but makes sure to tell him that he should tell her if he needs anything. Cliff stops her before she leaves to thank her for talking with him.
  • Requirements: Any day, 11:00AM - 4:00PM at the Church.
    When you enter the Church, you’ll see Carter telling Cliff that he should open up to people more. Cliff says that it’s just hard for him to talk to people he doesn’t know well. Carter points out that Cliff has no trouble talking with him at all, and Cliff tells him that Carter’s easy to talk to because he’s different from other people. This upsets Carter, for he doesn’t exactly know what Cliff means by “different”. Just then, Ann arrives to bring Carter his lunch, and Carter greets her cheerfully while Cliff only mutters a small greeting. After giving Carter his meal, Ann asks asks Cliff what he’s doing at the Church, and Cliff can only manage to mumble out a response. Carter suddenly gets an idea. He explains to Ann that Cliff is a very shy person (Cliff protests after hearing this) and asks Ann if she’d introduce Cliff to come of the villagers. Ann agrees happily and leaves to get back to work.

The Doctor is the man who moved to Mineral Village a while ago. He works at the Clinic with Elli, and if you see him there, he’ll give you health check-ups for a small price. The Doctor’s a very serious man and doesn’t necessarily open up easily.

Though it may not look like it at first, you’ll be battling for Elli’s affection against the Doctor. Elli admires the Doctor for his skill very much and she often tries to express it, though the Doctor is usually too busy to notice. At first, it may seem like the Doctor has little interest in poor Elli, but that changes over time.

Birthday: Fall 19
Likes: All Grasses, Milk

Rival Events:

  • Requirements: Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday while Clinic is open, at the Clinic (obviously).
    When you walk into the Clinic one day, you’ll see Elli and the Doctor talking. Elli is exhausted from working and the Doctor appears worried about her. The fact that he’s concerned positively moves Elli. She tells him so and the Doctor says it’s because he couldn’t run the Clinic without her. Elli is very disappointed since she was hoping that the Doctor would be a little more concerned about her than she as a nurse. The Doctor notices this, though he doesn’t exactly know what’s making her upset.
  • Requirements: Monday, 9:00AM - 7:00PM at Ellen’s house.
    Elli and the Doctor will enter Ellen’s house, and Elli will ask her grandmother how she’s feeling, obviously worried for her. Ellen assures her that she’s feeling better, and the Doctor tells her that she just has a cold and she should drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest. He then asks Ellen how her legs feel. Ellen tells him that they hurt, as per usual. Elli looks slightly upset and worried, and the Doctor, disappointed with himself, says that he should be able to do more for her. Elli and Ellen both tell him that he does more than enough for all of them, and the Doctor thanks them happily for complimenting him. Elli and the Doctor then take their leave and head back to the Clinic.

Gray recently moved into Mineral Town with his grandfather, Saibara the blacksmith, to join him in his work. Gray is constantly angry at his grandfather for pushing him so hard, so he often visits Mary’s library to read books, spend time with Mary, and escape his grandfather’s wrath.

Mary the librarian will eventually become Gray’s romantic interest. Because Gray visits the Library so often, he and Mary are bound to form some kind of relationship. Mary is very kind to Gray and likes him for visiting the Library so often, and Gray likes her very much in return.

Birthday: Winter 6
Likes: All types of ores (aside from Junk Ore)

Rival Events:

  • Requirements: Any day, 10:00AM - 1:00PM at Saibara’s shop.
    When you enter the Blacksmithery, Gray and Saibara will be there working on something. Mary will enter and comment on how easier her work has become after Saibara upgraded her tool and will promptly thank him. Gray, however, manages to scratch himself while working. Saibara begins to scold Gray for being so careless, but Mary becomes worried for him. Mary will fix Gray’s scratch and leave, and Gray will become embarrassed.
  • Requirements: Monday, 9:00AM - 7:00PM at Ellen’s house.
    When you enter the library, you will see Gray browsing the bookshelves. Mary will walk up to him and thank him for coming to the Library, since not a lot of people visit. Gray is a little surprised at this. Mary goes on to say that she’s writing a novel and asks Gray if he wants to read it. Gray agrees, and they both become embarrassed.

Kai, loved by women and hated by men, is the man who visits Mineral Town during the Summers. He runs a snack shack where he sells food, though he never gets very many customers. He’s despised by Rick in particular, who believes that his sister is walking on dangerous ground by spending time with Kai.

Popuri, however, tends to ignore her brother’s warnings and will go ahead to visit Kai when he comes during the Summers. Kai’s flirty and charming nature has Popuri captivated, and unless you intervene, Kai will eventually whisk Popuri away. Once married, Kai and Popuri will be gone for the majority of the year and will return each Summer to visit.

Birthday: Summer 22
Likes: Eggs, Flour, Summer crops

Rival Events:

  • Requirements: Summer, Sunny day, 1 - 4 PM at the beach.
    Kai and Popuri are standing by the beach and are talking about Kai’s food. He then offers to make Lillia some food. This, of course, makes Popuri happy.
  • Requirements: Summer, Sunny day, 1 - 4 PM at the beach.
    Kai and Popuri talk about the meal Kai cooked for Lillia. Rick walks up and asks Kai why he was with Popuri. He then tells Popuri to go back to the Chicken farm. Popuri gets mad Rick blames Kai for it. She tells him he couldn’t talk to Kai like that. Kai tells her she should go back to the store, and Rick forbids him from seeing Popuri. Popuri apologizes and the two leave.

Rick, hot-tempered and dorky, lives at the Poultry Farm with his mother, Lillia, and his sister, Popuri. His father left to search for a cure for his mother’s disease, and he’s very angry at him for that, thinking it was irresponsible for him to just leave his family. Though he fights with his sister often, he tends to quarrel even more so with Kai, the man who has Rick’s sister infatuated with him.

Rick’s interests lie in Karen, his beautiful childhood friend. Though they’re not necessarily as close as they used to be, they will eventually fall for each other if you don’t interrupt.

Birthday: Fall 27
Likes: Honey, Spa-Boiled Eggs

Rival Events:

  • Requirements: Any day, 11:00AM - 6:00PM, exiting the mines near the hot springs.
    When Karen and Rick walk onto the scene, Karen will ask Rick if he’s heard from his dad. Rick tells her he hasn’t recently, saying it was a terrible thing for his dad to just leave his mom like that. Karen turns away from him and points out that the only reason his dad’s away is so that he can find a cure for his mom. After she says that he’s just trying to protect his family, Rick gives in and agrees with her. Karen goes on to say that it’s up to them to take care of things while he’s away, telling Rick to cheer up. Afterwards, they head on home.
  • Requirements: Any day/season besides Summer, 11:00AM - 6:00PM in area south of your farm (try exiting Gotz’s house).
    When you first see them, Rick will comment on how he and Karen used to play in the mountains all the time, and Karen will elaborate, listing the games they used to play. Rick will add on to the list, saying they used to wrestle and how he could never beat Karen at it. Karen, however, becomes slightly angry and claims she doesn’t remember wrestling at all. Rick recalls how he used to cry whenever Karen threw him onto the ground. Karen angrily says that she told him that she doesn’t remember and that she’s going to go home. She storms off, leaving poor Rick to stand there confusedly. He calls for her to wait up and he runs off after her, still very puzzled about Karen’s sudden tantrum.

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