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Before you get the kitchen, you have to expand your house once. Check the TV Shopping channel on a Saturday, and the kitchen will be available for purchase for 4,000G.


You can’t cook right away, however; you’ll need to get some cooking utensils first (8 in all), which you can get from the T.V. shopping channel:

Item Cost
Oven 2500G
Seasoning Set 2500G
Knife 1500G
Frying Pan 1200G
Mixer 1200G
Pot 1000G
Rolling Pin 750G
Whisk 500G

Before cooking, put the items you want to use in your refrigerator or in your rucksack. Press the A button while standing in front of the kitchen counter, and you will get 3 options: Cook, View Recipes, and Exit.

Choose Cook to cook something new. The first screen you will see is the utensil select screen, select what utensils you want with the A button, and proceed to ingredient selection by pressing the start button, and then pressing A to confirm. After selecting ingredients, press start, and you’ll reach the final screen. From here you can cook the food, go back and change utensils, or change ingredients.


From the View Recipes option, you’ll see a list of every successful item you’ve cooked, and if you select one, it will automatically select the needed utensils and ingredients (if you have them). There are 14 pages in your recipe book, so the recipes below will be listed in which page they’re found in.

Page 1
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Mayonnaise (S) Regular Quality Egg, Oil Whisk Vinegar
Mayonnaise (M) Good Quality Egg, Oil Whisk Vinegar
Mayonnaise (L) High Quality Egg, Oil Whisk Vinegar
Mayonnaise (G) Golden Egg, Oil Whisk Vinegar
Mayonnaise (P) P Egg, Oil Whisk Vinegar
Mayonnaise (X) X Egg, Oil or Mayo (S), Mayo (M), Mayo (L), Mayo (G), Mayo (P) Whisk Vinegar
X Egg Regular Egg, Good Egg, High Egg, Golden Egg, P Egg
X Milk Milk (S), Milk (M), Milk (L), Milk (G), Milk (P)

Page 2
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
X Cheese Cheese (S), Cheese (M), Cheese (L), Cheese (G), Cheese (P)
Wild Grape Juice Wild Grape, Wine, Purple Grass Pot
Pickles Cucumber Salt
Salad Cabbage/Cucumber/Tomato/Carrot Knife
Curry Rice Curry Powder, Rice Balls Pot
Stew Flour, Milk Pot Salt
Miso Soup 1 of Mushroom or Fish Pot Miso, Salt
Stir Fry Cabbage, Oil Knife, Frying Pan Soy Sauce

Page 3
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Fried Rice Rice Balls, Oil, Egg (any size) Frying Pan
Savory Pancake Cabbage, Oil, Flour, Egg (any size) Frying Pan, Knife
Sandwich Boiled Egg/Cucumber/Tomato, Bread Knife
Fruit Juice Apple/Strawberry Mixer
Fruit Latte Fruit Juice, Milk (any size) or Apple/Wild Grape + Milk (any size) Mixer
Veggie Juice Cabbage/Carrot/Cucumber Mixer
Veggie Latte Veggie Juice, Milk (any size) or Cabbage/Carrot/Cucumber, Milk (any size) Mixer
Mixed Juice Fruit Juice, Veggie Juice or Apple (Regular/AEPFE/HMSGB/SUGDW)/Pineapple/Strawberry/Wild Grape, Cabbage/Carrot/Cucumber Mixer

Page 4
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Mixed Latte Apple (Regular/AEPFE/HMSGB/SUGDW)/Pineapple/Strawberry/Wild Grape, Cabbage/Carrot/Cucumber, Milk (any size) or Fruit Juice, Veggie Juice, Milk (any size) or Mixed Juice, Milk (any size) Mixer
Pickled Turnips Turnip Knife Vinegar
French Fries Potato, Oil Knife, Frying Pan
Strawberry Jam Strawberry Pot Sugar
Strawberry Milk Strawberry, Milk (any size) Mixer
Tomato Juice Tomato Mixer
Ketchup Tomato, Onion Mixer Sugar, Salt, Vinegar
Popcorn Corn Frying Pan

Page 5
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Corn Flakes Corn Rolling Pin, Oven or Frying Pan
Baked Corn Corn Oven
Pineapple Juice Pineapple Mixer
Pumpkin Pudding Egg (any size), Milk (any size), Pumpkin Pot, Oven Sugar
Pumpkin Stew Pumpkin Pot Sugar, Soy Sauce
Happy Eggplant Eggplant Frying Pan Sugar, Soy Sauce, Miso
Sweet Potato Egg (any size), Butter, Sweet Potato Pot, Oven Sugar
Baked Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Oven

Page 6
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Greens Spinach Pot Soy Sauce
Scrambled Eggs Egg (any size), Oil Frying Pan
Omelet Egg (any size), Milk (any size), Oil Frying Pan
Omelet Rice Egg (any size), Milk (any size), Oil, Rice Balls Frying Pan
Boiled Egg Egg (any size) Pot
Pudding Egg (any size), Milk (any size) Pot, Oven Sugar
Hot Milk Milk (any size) Pot
Butter Milk (any size) Mixer

Page 7
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Cheese Cake Cheese (any size), Egg (any size), Milk (any size) Pot, Whisk, Oven Sugar
Cheese Fondue Cheese (any size), Bread Pot
Apple Pie Apple, Egg (any size), Butter, Flour Knife, Pot, Rolling pin, Oven Sugar
Apple Jam Apple Pot Sugar
Apple Souffle Apple (Regular/AEPFE/HMSGB/SUGDW) Frying Pan —-
Bamboo Rice Bamboo Shoots, Rice Ball
Grape Jam Wild Grape Pot Sugar
Grape Juice Wild Grape Mixer

Page 8
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Mushroom Rice Mushroom, Rice Ball
Truffle Rice Truffle, Rice Ball
Sushi Sashimi, Rice Ball Vinegar
Jam Bun Apple Jam or Grape Jam or Strawberry Jam, Bread
Dinner Roll Bread, Butter
Raisin Bread Bread, Wild Grape
Curry Bread Bread, Oil, Curry Powder Frying Pan
Toast Bread Oven

Page 9
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
French Toast Egg (any size), Bread, Oil Frying Pan
Sashimi Fish (Medium or Large) Knife
Grilled Fish Medium Fish Frying Pan
Chirashi Sushi Scrambled Eggs, Sashimi, Rice Balls Knife Vinegar
Pizza Cheese (any size), Flour, Ketchup Rolling Pin, Oven
Noodles Flour Pot, Rolling Pin, Knife
Curry Noodles Noodles, Curry Powder Pot
Tempura Noodles Tempura, Noodles Pot

Page 10
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Fried Noodles Noodles, Egg (any size), Oil Frying Pan
Buckwheat Noodles Buckwheat Flour Knife, Pot, Rolling Pin
Noodles with Tempura Tempura, Buckwheat Noodles Pot
Fried Noodles Buckwheat Noodles, Egg (any size), Oil Frying Pan Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce
Buckwheat Chips Buckwheat Flour Pot
Tempura Egg (any size), Flour, Oil Frying Pan
Mountain Stew Bamboo Shoot, Carrot, Mushroom Knife, Pot Sugar, Soy Sauce
Moon Dumpling Muffin Mix Sugar

Page 11
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Roasted Rice Cake Rice Cake Oven or Frying Pan
Toasted Rice Balls Rice Balls Oven
Rice Gruel Rice Balls Pot Salt
Tempura Rice Rice Balls, Tempura Salt
Egg Over Rice Egg (any size), Rice Ball Pot
Candied Potato Sweet Potato, Honey Pot
Potato Pancakes Egg (any size), Potato, Onion, Oil, Flour Knife, Frying Pan Salt
Fish Sticks Fish (Medium or Large) Mixer Salt

Page 12
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Cookies Egg (any size), Flour, Butter Rolling Pin, Oven Sugar
Chocolate Cookies Egg (any size), Flour, Butter, Chocolate Rolling Pin, Oven Sugar
Ice Cream Egg (any size), Milk (any size) Whisk, Pot Sugar
Cake Egg (any size), Butter, Flour Whisk, Oven Sugar
Chocolate Cake Egg (any size), Butter, Flour, Chocolate Whisk, Oven Sugar
Pancakes Egg (any size), Milk (any size), Flour, Oil, Butter, Honey Whisk, Frying Pan Sugar
Relaxation Tea Relaxation Tea Leaves Pot
SUGDW Apple Apple, HMSGB Apple, AEPFE Apple

Page 13
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
HMSGB Apple Apple, SUGDW Apple, AEPFE Apple
AEPFE Apple Apple, HMSGB Apple, SUGDW Apple
Bodigizer Honey, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Red Magic Flower Pot
Bodigizer XL Bodigizer, Blue Grass Mixer
Turbojolt Honey, Orange Grass, White Grass, Red Magic Flower Pot
Turbojolt XL Turbojolt, Green Grass Mixer
Relaxation Tea Leaves Red Grass, Orange Grass, Yellow Grass, Green Grass, Purple Grass, Blue Grass, Indigo Grass, Weed Knife, Frying Pan
Elli Leaves 6 different kinds of Burnt Food, Bodigizer XL, Turbojolt XL Knife, Frying Pan, Oven, Pot Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Miso

Page 14
Meal Ingredients Utensils Seasoning
Spring Sun Blue Magic Grass, Red Magic Grass, Moondrop Flower, Pink Cat Flower, Toy Flower
Summer Sun Small Fish, Medium Fish, Large Fish, Fossil of Ancient Fish, Pirate Treasure
Autumn Sun Cheese (X), Mayo (X), Egg (X), Milk (X), Wool (X), Yarn (X)
Winter Sun Alexandrite, Diamond, Emerald, Moonstone, Pink Diamond, Mythic Stone, Sand Rose

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