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Nature's Bounty

Certain items can be found throughout the game that you can forage for daily.

These items can be sold for a profit, eaten for energy, or given as a gift. They’re usually found by the season.

Below is a list of all the items you can find lying around the game, their selling prices, seasons, and how to find them.

Name Season Location Selling Price
Orange Grass Spring The beach 100G
Yellow Grass Spring The beach 120G
Bamboo Shoot Spring By Kappa’s lake 50G
Blue Grass Spring/Summer Hot springs area 100G
Purple Grass Summer The beach 120G
Wild Grapes Summer Forest/Kappa’s lake 50G
Green Grass Summer/Fall Hot springs area 100G
Red Grass Summer/Fall Hot springs/forest 110G
Indigo Grass Fall Beach 100G
Mushroom Fall Forest/Mother’s Hill summit 70G
Poisonous Mushroom Fall Forest 100G
Truffle Fall Smash rocks on Mother’s hill (with lv. 6 Hammer) and find one at the bottom; Behind church; Buy for 10 medals at Horse Race 70G

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