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Harvest Sprites

The Harvest Sprites are special creatures who are around to help you with your every day life on the farm. They can do many tasks. These tasks include watering crops, harvesting crops, and caring for animals.

Where to Find Them

The Harvest Sprites live in a hut behind the church. To find it, take that small path towards the right of the church entrance and walk down. Eventually you'll see a hut, and this is where the seven Harvest Sprites live.


Below is a list of each of the names of the harvest sprites and their birthdays.

Spring 26

Spring 4

Fall 14

Fall 10

Winter 22

Spring 15

Summer 16

Making Friends

To become better friends with the Harvest Sprites you will need to give them their favorite items. Below is a list of these items and their locations. One of the items (Colored Grass) is found in many different colors. It is best to give the Harvest Sprite that corresponds directly with the color of the Grass. Conveniently enough there is a colored grass for each of the seven different sprites. One of their most favorite items is Flour, but it sells for 50G at the Supermarket.

Item Where to Find
Apple Tree on Farm in Fall
Blue Grass Hot Springs; Spring, Summer
Bread Bake using Recipe
Flour Supermarket; 50G
Green Grass Hot Springs; Summer, Fall
Honey Tree on Farm
Indigo Grass Mineral Beach; Fall
Orange Grass Mineral Beach; Spring
Purple Grass Mineral Beach; Summer
Red Grass Forest, Hot Springs; Summer, Fall
Relax Tea Leaves Tea Party, Recipe, Goddess Gameshow
Yellow Grass Mineral Beach; Spring

Unlike other versions of Harvest Moon, this time around it isn't so easy to have the Sprites work on your farm. First you have to train them for a few weeks before they are ready to work on your farm at a good pace. To train them, go to the hut sometime during the day. Choose a sprite in which you would like to train and give them some of their favorite items (Colored Grass, Flour, Honey) until the chosen sprite has a friendship rating of 3 hearts (check your stats pages).

Once this task has been completed you can start training. Talk to the Sprite and select the second option (Let's Play). Then you will be given three choices. It is best to keep one sprite on one career path to train them faster.


Choose the job in which you would like that sprite to train in. Then the mini game will begin and you will be given instructions on how to play. The games are rather easy. It will take a while before the Sprites become trained well enough to work on your farm. You can track how fast they are learning on the Harvest Sprites Stats page.

Watering Game
In this game your task will be to play “Simon says.” The game will water a certain number of spots in a certain order. Your job is to water those same spots in the same order as they appeared. You will have to do this three times throughout this game. Every time you play this game with the same sprite it will get a little more challenging. You will sometimes have to memorize up to ten squares at a time. The more you train the sprite at this game, the faster they will be able to water your fields.

Harvesting Game
Your task in this game is to harvest as many Turnips as you can. You will tap the “A” button repeatedly until the sprite pulls the Turnip up out of the ground. One obstacle is that if you tap the “A” button to quickly, your sprite will become stressed and he could break the head of the Turnip off. You can tell if he is being stressed too much by the color of his face. It will begin as the normal Peach color. The next level of stress is a Red color. After that he will turn Dark Red in color and if you tap the button one more time he will break the Turnip. You are given 60 seconds to complete this task.

Animal Husbandry Game
This game measures the skill of accuracy and quickness. You must keep all six of the Chickens well fed throughout the 60 second time limit. When their food source goes low you must replenish their food supply. If they are out of food the Chickens will run away from their food dish. The second you drop more food into their dish they will come back. If they leave the screen, there will be about a five second delay before they return to the game once you replenish their food. Every time they leave the screen you have one point counted against yourself.

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