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Girls and Marriage

Though it’s not required, marriage is a very large part of this game. There are six girls you may choose as your bride: Ann, Elli, Karen, Mary, Popuri and the Goddess. Excluding the Goddess, whichever girls you do not to marry will settle down with someone else. However, before you can get married, there are certain requirements you must fulfill.

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Heart Levels

Before you can get married, a girl must reach a red heart. Her “heart level” is displayed on the girl’s portrait whenever you talk with her, and depending on how much she likes you, the heart will be the corresponding color. When you first meet her, the girl’s heart level will be at black, which is the minimum affection level. However, by talking to her and giving her gifts, her affection for you will slowly raise.

The order of the heart levels (from lowest to highest) is black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and finally, red.


Before any girl will be willing to marry you, you must have your house extended twice (see the Extensions page for more information). After you’ve done that, you need to buy the Big Bed for your house, acquired over the TV shopping channel, which is aired on Saturdays.

Heart Events

You must see every single one of a girl’s heart events before she’ll accept your proposal. Heart events will be triggered once a girl reaches her black, purple, blue, and yellow heart levels. (Since black is default, you won’t have to do any wooing to get the event, obviously.) For more information, see the Heart Events pages for each of the girls.


After you’ve met all of the requirements above, then buy the Blue Feather from the Supermarket. Equip the Blue Feather as though it were a tool and press the B button while standing in front of the girl. If she accepts, you two will be married a week later (unless it’s on a festival day). If she doesn’t accept and you’ve met all the requirements, then continue to give the girl gifts until she does.


Ann is the girl who lives and helps out at the Inn with her father, Doug. Ann’s mother died when she was rather young, and because she grew up with no female influence, she’s become quite the tomboy. She cooks amazingly well (much like her father) and wins the Cooking Festival often.

Your rival for Ann is Cliff, the vagabond who comes to stay at the Inn. The easiest way to keep him away from Ann is not to ask him to help at Duke and Mana’s wine harvest - that way, he’ll leave town for good. Otherwise, he’ll stay in the town permanently, regardless of whether or not you marry Ann.

Birthday: Summer 17 (If you choose Summer 17 as your birthday, Ann’s birthday will be Summer 22.)
Heart Point: Buy food from the Inn.
Likes: Eggs, Spa-boiled eggs, Strawberry Milk, Curry Rice, Rice Cakes, Pancakes and Cheese Fondue.


Elli’s a nurse who works at the clinic with the Doctor. You can find her behind the counter selling medicines. She lives with her little brother, Stu, and her grandmother, Ellen. She cares for both of them deeply and does all she can to take care of them. She’s a real sweetheart, not to mention she’d make a very good mother.

Who’s your competition for Elli? None other than the Doctor, of course. The Doctor’s developed a soft spot for Elli, and unless you intervene, the feeling will be mutual.

Birthday: Spring 16 (If you choose Spring 16 as your birthday, Elli’s birthday will be Spring 20.)
Heart Point: Get an examination from the Doctor.
Likes: Milk, Pink Cat Flowers, Toy Flowers, Blue Grass, Strawberries, Strawberry Milk and Red Magic Grass.


The Goddess is one tough cookie to woo! She is a goddess, after all. Her heart meter is invisible, so you can’t tell how much she likes you. There are several things you must achieve before she’ll even think of marrying you, which are listed below. When you do something to make her happy, she’ll pop up to congratulate you, and then disappear back into her lake.

Luckily, you have no rival for the Goddess’s affection, so you won’t have to worry about someone nabbing her before you do.

Though we don’t have an exact list as of yet, her heart affection raises for you when you accomplish hard tasks for the first time — shipping 10,000 sweet potatoes, catching 10,000 fish, reaching 100,000 steps on your pedometer, reaching certain floors of the mine, etc. Luckily, completing the requirements for marrying her also raises her affection for you quite a bit.

Likes: Crops, Flowers, Eggs, Milk, and Pineapples.
Birthday: Spring 8 (If you choose Spring 8 as your birthday, the Goddess’s birthday will be Spring 9)

Requirements for marriage to the Goddess:

  • Ship at least one of every item
  • Catch all the different species of fish, including the Kings
  • Dig up every type of item from both mines
  • Own the big bed
  • Ask Carter for permission to marry the Harvest Goddess during confessional
  • Be at least on your 5th year
  • Collect all 9 of the Goddess Jewels to receive the Gem of the Goddess

Karen lives and works at the supermarket with her mom, Sasha, and her father, Jeff. She’ll help them out on the occasion, but she tends to go off and wander the village herself. Karen is the most mature of the girls and can even act a little conceited at times, but she’s a romantic at heart.

Rick, the goof who lives at the Poultry Farm and Karen’s good childhood friend, will marry Karen if you don’t. They’re not as close as they were as children, but they still meet to chat with each other almost daily. They fight often, but will eventually settle their differences if you don’t choose Karen as your bride.

Birthday: Fall 15 (If you choose Fall 15 as your birthday, Karen’s birthday will be Fall 23.)
Heart Point: Buy something from the supermarket.
Likes: Bamboo Shoots, Wine, Truffles, Cheese, Tempura, Popcorn, Pizza and French Fries.


Mary is a polite, shy girl who works at the library. She lives with her father, Basil, and her mother, Anna, in their house beside the library. Basil’s written several books on plants and activities within Mineral Town, and Mary is very proud of her father for that. Though she likes to keep it secret, Mary likes to write stories of her own.

Your rival for Mary is Gray, the despondent new boy in the village who works for Saibara the blacksmith, his grandfather. He stops by the library frequently to read some of the books, though that may not be his only reason…

Birthday: Winter 20 (If you choose Winter 20 as your birthday, Mary’s birthday will be Winter 25.)
Heart Point: Climb to the Library’s second floor.
Likes: Mushrooms, Chocolates, White Grass, Black Grass, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Wild Grapes, Bodigizer, Veggie Juice and Veggie Latte.


Popuri lives at the Poultry farm with her mother, Lillia and her brother, Rick. Spirited, bouncy, and slightly ill-tempered, Popuri’s the baby of her family. Her dad’s out searching for a cure to her mother’s disease, so she, her mother and her brother have to run the Poultry Farm all by themselves (though Popuri doesn’t help very much). She fights with her brother a lot, mainly over Kai, your rival for Popuri. Popuri spends a lot of her time at the beach during the Summer. She also likes chickens.

Your rival for Popuri is Kai, the dashing young man who comes to Mineral Town for the summer to open up his sealodge. Though he’s hated by most men, the ladies love him, and Popuri’s one of those unfortunate girls who’s fallen under Kai’s spell. Towards the summer, she visits the beach frequently and spends time with Kai there.

Birthday: Summer 3 (If you choose Summer 3 as your birthday, Popuri’s birthday will be Summer 10.)
Heart Point: Own eight chickens.
Likes: All kinds of Eggs, Strawberries, Chocolates, Ice Cream, Cakes, Omelets and Scrambled Eggs.

After Marriage

After all’s said and done and you’ve married your girl, there’s still several things to be mentioned after marriage.

As soon as you and your bride come home after the wedding, she comment on how happy she is, and then ask you what she should call you. There are a few names you can choose by default, or you can go ahead and make up your own. Have fun with that option, just keep in mind she’ll be calling you that for the rest of the game. You’ll then be asked if you want her to stay home or continue to work. If she stays home, then she’ll just stay at the house and pretty much walk around the table all day. If you’re married to Elli or Mary, they’ll continue working no matter what.

Your wife will cook you meals on special occasions, such as your birthday, her birthday, Starry Night, and your anniversary, so make sure to remember the day you were married!

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