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In this game, there are three special gems you can collect: the Gem of the Goddess, the Gem of the Kappa, and the Gem of Truth. In order to obtain them, there are 9 of each type to collect–so if you want to obtain the Gem of the Goddess, you must collect 9 Goddess Gems. When equipped, each of the gems performs a special function.

Gem of the Goddess

The Gem of the Goddess regains your strength when equipped. The nine Goddess Gems are found on various floors of the Spring Mine, near the Goddess pond.

  • Floor 60
  • Floor 102
  • Floor 123
  • Floor 152
  • Floor 155
  • Floor 171
  • Floor 190
  • Floor 202
  • Floor 222
Gem of the Kappa

The Gem of the Kappa regains your fatigue when equipped. The nine Kappa Gems are found on various in the Winter Mine, in the center of the lake.

  • Floor 0
  • Floor 40
  • Floor 60
  • Floor 80
  • Floor 120
  • Floor 140
  • Floor 160
  • Floor 180
  • Floor 255
Gem of Truth

The Gem of Truth displays how much of your energy and fatigue is remaining while in your inventory. The Truth Gems are found in various places around Mineral Town. The Gems of Truth will not appear until you’ve bought the shelves from the TV network.

  • In your dog’s house.
  • In the water bin in your horse’s stable.
  • On the Library’s 2nd floor, on the set shelves furthest to the south, in the shelf on the very right.
  • On the 1st lamp post south from the Church.
  • Won from the Goddess’s gameshow while playing in the Town Cottage.
  • Found in the calendar in the Mountain Cottage.
  • Bought for 1,000 medals at the Horse Race.
  • Thomas’s house in the refrigerator, must have all other gems in your inventory.

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