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Several festivals occur in Mineral Town annually. Below is a list of all the festivals and descriptions.

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1st: New Year Festival

Come to the Town Square to celebrate the New Year! This is more of a social festival than anything; there's no contests and whatnot. Instead, you get to fill your bag with mochi! Talk to Mayor Thomas from the opposite side of the table and every empty slot in your bag will be filled with mochi.

14th: Spring Thanksgiving Festival

The Spring Thanksgiving Festival is the day where you repay girls for their gifts to you on Winter Thanksgiving. Cookies aren't sold anywhere, so you're going to have to bake the cookies yourself (see recipes for more information)! Each girl - including Karen, who dislikes sweets - will appreciate the gifts very much, and their affection for you will raise a little. The Goddess is the only girl whose affection won't raise if you give her cookies.

18th: Spring Horse Race

The Horse Race takes place twice a year — on the 18th of both Spring and Fall in the Town Square. There are three races in total, and you can bet on as many as you like. When betting you will pay in Gold, but if you win your bet, you will be paid in medals. Medals can be exchanged for prizes at the end of each horse race.

If you wish to make a bet, talk to Thomas. Each bet you place costs 50G. The odds of it winning are displayed to the right. The higher the number, the less of a chance it has of winning, but the more money you get if it wins. The number of medals you get is determined by multiplying the number of bets you placed by the odds. For example, if the horse has a 1 in 5 chance of winning and you placed 5 bets on it, you will win 25 medals. You can exchange medals for prizes by talking to Thomas (See table).

If you wish to enter the race for yourself, then you must wait until the horse Barley gives you has fully grown, which will take about a year. If your horse is full-grown, Thomas will stop by your ranch the day before the races to ask you if you wish to enter. If you wish to enter, he will take your horse that day. It will be returned to you the day after the races.You will be entered in the third race of the day. The more hearts your horse has, the more stamina it has. When in the race, press the A button to make your horse go faster. While he is running, you can tell how much stamina he has by looking at the little heart bubble above your horse's head. When it's green your horse is doing perfectly fine. When it's yellow, he's still okay, but it just signals not to push him very much harder. When it's red, your horse is exhausted, and you'll have to slow down (by decreasing the speed in which you're pressing the A button). If you win the race, you'll get a Power Berry.

Below is a list of the different prizes you can win.

Prize Medals
Adamantine 4
Mushroom 10
Diamond 14
Brooch 18
Necklace 20
Suntan Lotion 30
Lotion 35
Face Pack 42
Power Berry 900
Pirate Treasure / Truth Jewel* 1000

* Once you buy the Power Berry, the Pirate Treasure will be replaced with the Truth Jewel.

22nd: Cooking Festival

On the 22nd of Spring, go to the Town Square at around 10:00 AM. The Gourmet Man will be there, and he will tell you what category of food he's assigned for this year's festival. That's right, this time, you have to make a certain kind of food in order to win. After the Gourmet Man tells you what kind of food to make, leave the square and you will be returned to your house. When making your food, you're going to have to be creative by adding bits of extra ingredients to your recipe. See the recipes page for more information.

  • Year 1 - Bring juices such as Veggie Juice and Fruit Olé.
  • Year 2 - Bring sweets such as Cheesecake and Cookies.
  • Year 3 - Bring breads such as sandwiches and French Toast.
  • Year 4 - Bring noodle dishes such as Curry Udon and Tempura Udon.
  • Year 5 - Bring meals such as Pizza and Tempura.
  • After Year 5, categories for each year will be picked randomly.


1st: Beach Day

(Note: You can't participate in the first year as your dog isn't fully grown.) On the last day of Spring, Zack will come to your farm and ask you if you would like to participate in the Opening Day festival at the beach the next day. If you accept, he'll take your dog. The next day, go to the beach to participate. In this festival, your adult dog will participate in a frisbee-throwing contest. The point is to throw the frisbee a certain distance so your dog will chase after it. The actual requirement for the distance varies for each game. Watch the gauge to the left and throw the frisbee by pressing A when the gauge is close to the top of the green. If your dog reaches the requirement, you'll win and receive a Power Berry.

7th: Chicken Festival

The day before the Chicken Sumo, Rick will stop by your farm and ask if you would like to participate in it. If you wish to enter, choose the chicken with the most hearts. The next day, go to the Square at 10:00 AM with your chicken. Rick will tell you how the Chicken Sumo works. Basically, you press the A button while your chicken is facing its opponent to scare it. If the chicken is scared, a “!” bubble will appear over its head. The point is to try to scare the chicken out of the ring.If you manage to win all three rounds, your chicken will win the ability to lay golden eggs.

20th: Cow Festival

Barley will stop by your farm the day before to ask if you would like to participate in the Cow Festival. If you choose yes, then select the cow with the most hearts to enter the festival.The next day, go to the town square. To begin the judging, talk to Barley. If your cow has enough affection for you, then you'll emerge victorious, and your cow will produce golden milk.

24th: Fireworks

(Note: Make sure before you've gotten all of your chores done before going to this festival; when the display has finished, you'll be back at your house the next morning.) At 6:00 PM, everyone will be at the beach, waiting for the fireworks to start. Once you've talked with everyone, they will begin. If you have a girl at a red heart, she'll ask you to watch the fireworks with her once you talk to her. Agree and you two will walk to the edge of the dock to watch them together.


3rd: Music Festival

Carter will come by on Fall 2nd to inform you of the Music Festival and ask you if you want to participate. If you do, he'll tell you that you'll be playing the Ocarina and take his leave. On Fall 3rd, meet him outside the Church after 6:00PM. You'll go in, talk to the guests, and then the performance will begin. You will be playing the ocarina, Elli and Ann will be playing flutes, Mary will be on the organ, and Karen will be singing. After the festival is over, you'll wake up the next day on your farm.

9th: Harvest Festival

The Mayor will stop by on Fall 8 to tell you about the Harvest Festival, which is a bit like a potluck where villagers add random ingredients to a pot of soup and share the soup afterwards. The Mayor will ask you to bring a food to add to the pot. The next morning, bring anything edible to the plaza, and talk to the Mayor while holding it. You'll drop it into the pot and later eat some of the soup.

13th: Festival at Mother's Hill

You may participate in this event if one of the girls is at least at a green-colored heart. Walk up to the summit of Mother's Hill between 6:00PM and 12:00AM, and the girl with the highest affection for you will be waiting there. If you agree to watch the sunrise with her, your relationship will increase with her slightly. Once the event is over, you'll appear back at your house the next morning.

18th: Fall Horse Race

The Horse Race takes place twice a year — on the 18th of both Spring and Fall in the Town Square. There are three races in total, and you can bet on as many as you like. When betting you will pay in Gold, but if you win your bet, you will be paid in medals. Medals can be exchanged for prizes at the end of each horse race. If you wish to make a bet, talk to Thomas. For more information, see the Spring Horse Race.

21th: Sheep Festival

Barley will come by on Fall 20 to ask you if you would like to participate in the Sheep Festival. You cannot enter a sheep that is sick, pregnant, or doesn't have any wool on its body (so restrain from shaving it for a week or so). Barley will take your sheep to prepare it for the festival.The next day, head over to the square where the festival is taking place. To begin the judging, talk to Barley. If your sheep has enough affection for you, you'll emerge victorious, and your sheep will produce golden wool from then on.

30th: Pumpkin Festival

On the morning of the Pumpkin Festival, May will stop by your farm and ask you for candy. If you don't have any candy with you, you can give them something else that's edible, but it won't make them happy, so make sure to buy some chocolate beforehand! May will stop by at 6:00AM, Stu will come at 8:00AM, and Popuri will come at 10:00AM. If you're not on the farm, you'll miss them entirely.


14th: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day where girls show how much they appreciate you by baking you sweets. Each of the five girls will show up at your farm at a specific time to give you your gift. Popuri comes at 6AM, Ann comes at 8AM, Elli comes at 10AM, Karen comes at 12PM, and Mary comes at 2PM. They won't bring you a gift if they're not at least on a purple heart. If any girl is on green heart or above, she'll give you chocolate cake as opposed to chocolates.

24th: Starry Festival

On Winter 23, the day before the festival, talk to any girl who is at least on a green heart. She'll ask if you would like to eat dinner with her family during the Starry Festival. Agree, of course. On Winter 24, go to her house after 6PM to dine with the girl and her family. Once the event is over, you'll appear back in your house the next morning, so make sure you finished your chores.

25th: Stocking Festival

You can only see this festival if you've gotten the pair of socks. To get them, you must be good friends with Ellen. Once you're on very good terms with her, give her a ball of yarn, and she'll offer to knit the yarn into a sock for you. It takes a while to become such good friends with Ellen, so keep trying. If you've gotten Ellen to knit you the sock, then on Winter 25, go to bed between 9PM and 12AM. Thomas will act like Santa Claus and leave a present in the sock. You can check in the morning to see what you've gotten.

30th: New Year

There are two different events happening at once on New Year's Eve, so you've got to choose between them. Each of them doesn't begin until the evening, so you've got the entire day to yourself until then. The first festival takes place in the Square, where you can join the villagers in eating New Year's Noodles. It begins at 6PM. Simply talk to the Mayor and he'll give you some New Year's Noodles to eat. At the end of the festival, it turns out that there's some buckwheat flour left over, so Thomas fills all empty slots in your rucksack with the flour.The second event takes place on Mother's Hill's summit and doesn't begin until midnight. Head up to the summit in the early hours of the morning to watch the sunrise with a few of the other villagers. The event won't start until you talk with Doug, so feel free to talk with the other villagers until you do.

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