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Farm Map

1. Farm House

This is the house in which you will live in. You can upgrade your house (See the Extensions page).

2. Dog House

This is where you dog sleeps at night and keeps dry during the rainy days.

3. Fodder Silo

This is where you store your Fodder. You can both buy fodder and grow fodder.

4. Animal Barn

This is where you store your Cows and Sheep. You can upgrade your barn later in the game (See the Extensions page).

5. Wood Shed

This is where you store your chopped Wood. Collect this wood and use it to build extensions. You can also use the wood as a fence around your farm, usually used for your grass fields.

6. Horse Stable

This is where your Horse lives. You can feed it, talk to it, and brush it in here. Be sure to bring the Horse out on Sunny days to ride it.

7. Shipping Bin

This is where you place all of your shippable items. There is a Shipping Bin in the Animal Barn, Horse Stable, and the Chicken Coop as well.

8. Apple Tree

This is where you get Honey every day which is worth 150 Gold. In the Fall this tree will provide you with Apples.

9. Fish Pond

This is where you can replenish the water in your watering can when the water runs out. This will come in handy when you are watering your crops.

10. Chicken Coop

This is where your Chickens live. Be sure to feed them and collect their eggs every day. You can also use the Incubator to hatch baby chickens. Later in the game you will be able to add on to the Chicken Coop (See the Extensions page).

11. Field

This is where you plant your crop/grass seeds to grow wonderful crops. You can make loads of gold off of this valuable land.

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