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You can get extensions for your farm from Gotz's shop in the mountains. His shop is open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM and is closed on Saturdays. If you talk to Gotz behind the counter, he'll tell you what's required for each extension. If you need lumber, simply take your axe and chop up stumps in the mountains, the lumber will be automatically added to your inventory.

Each wood piece sells for 50G. Gold wood sells for 100,000G each; you can get it once you've gotten 999 pieces of wood.

Note: All three redesign options appear once you've gotten both house extensions. For the dog house and mailbox, you have three choices–a red design (default), a blue design, and a strange design. For the windows, you can choose between a window with shutters (default), a window without shutters and a round window.

Extension Cost Wood
1st House Extension 3,000G 200 pieces
2nd House Extension 10,000G 700 pieces
Chicken Coop Extension 5,000G 420 pieces
Barn Extension 6,800G 500 pieces
Bathroom 30,000G 580 pieces
Vacation House 100,000,000G 999 pieces
Window Redesign 25,000G 300 pieces
Dog House Redesign 20,000G 500 pieces
Mailbox Redesign 10,000G 200 pieces

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