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Each season has a different set of crops you can grow. For example, you can grow turnips and Spring, but they won't grow in Summer. If you happen to plant a crop in Spring but it won't finish growing until Summer, then you won't be able to harvest that crop.

Crops can be bought from either the Supermarket or Won. Though Won's tend to be more expensive, they're the most profitable, if you can afford them.

Each bag has nine seeds in it–in other words, only enough for nine spaces on your farm. When you plant the seeds, they'll come out in a 3×3 square around you. Hence, the suggested pattern for planting seeds is a 3×3 square with the middle unit missing on one of the outside rows (so you can reach the middle plant), as shown below.

X = Seed Planted
O = Empty Space


The recommended Spring crop is potatoes, Summer's is corn, and Fall's is sweet potatoes. However, if you can afford Won's crops, buy them — but since they tend to grow slow, (except for green peppers; in Fall's case, we still recommend sweet potatoes) it's recommended that you grow some fast-growing crops for the beginning of the season, as well.

Name Cost Where to Buy Growth Rate Selling Price Regrowth Rate
Turnips 120G Supermarket 5 days 60G
Potatoes 150G Supermarket 8 days 80G
Cucumbers 200G Supermarket 10 days 60G 5 days
Cabbages 500G From Won 15 days 250G
Strawberries* 150G Supermarket 9 days 30G 2 days
Name Cost Where to Buy Growth Rate Selling Price Regrowth Rate
Tomatoes 200G Supermarket 10 days 60G 3 days
Corn 300G Supermarket 15 days 100G 3 days
Onions 150G Supermarket 8 days 80G
Pineapples 1000G From Won 21 days 500G 5 days
Pumpkins* 500G Supermarket 15 days 60G
Name Cost Where to Buy Growth Rate Selling Price Regrowth Rate
Eggplants 120G Supermarket 10 days 80G 3 days
Carrots 300G Supermarket 8 days 40G
Sweet Potatoes 300G Supermarket 6 days 120G 2 days
Green Peppers 150G From Won 8 days 80G 2 days
Spinach* 200G. Supermarket 6 days 80G

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