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Below is a list of characters and their descriptions.


Birthday: Fall 23
Likes: Honey, Apples, Strawberries, Sweet Potatoes, Eggs
Location: House next to the library
Anna is Mary's mother and Basil's wife. She spends some of her time in the square chatting with the other village women.


Birthday: Spring 17
Likes: Rice, Scrambled Eggs, Miso Soup
Location: Ranch
Barley lives at Yodel Ranch, next to the Poultry Farm. He'll sell you cows, sheep, and accessories such as bells. He's May's grandfather.


Birthday: Summer 11
Likes: Grapes, Mushrooms, Grasses
Location: House next to the library
Basil is a botanist who writes several books on plants and Mineral Town. He spends most of his time on Mother's Hill. He's Mary's father and Anna's husband.


Birthday: Fall 20
Likes: Eggs, Fish, Turnips, Curry
Location: Church
Carter is the village's pastor and lives in the church.


Birthday: Winter 11
Likes: Honey, Apples, Small Fish
Location: Inn
Doug owns the Inn and is an excellent cook. He's Ann's father.


Birthday: Winter 15
Likes: Wine, Eggplants
Location: Winery
Duke owns the Aja winery and loves drinking. He's Manna's husband.


Birthday: Summer 11
Likes: Spa-Boiled Eggs, Milk, Carrots, Rice Cakes
Location: Elli's house
Ellen is Elli and Stu's grandmother. She spends all of her time at home.


Birthday: Fall 2
Likes: Honey, Apples, Eggs
Location: Carpenter's house
Gotz lives in the mountains and will build extensions for you once you collect enough money and lumber.


Birthday: Summer 4
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Small Fish, Energy Drinks
Location: Mayor's House
Harris is the local policeman. He isn't able to do much since there's almost no crimes in the village.


Birthday: Winter 29
Likes: Honey, Fruit Juice
Location: Supermarket
Jeff is Sasha's husband and Karen's father. He runs the supermarket where you can buy seeds and other miscellaneous items.


Birthday: Spring 19
Likes: Milk, Tomatoes
Location: Poultry Farm
Lillia owns the poultry farm, so you can buy hens and chicken feed from her. She's suffering from a disease, and her husband is out seeking the cure. She is the mother of Rick and Popuri.


Birthday: Fall 11
Likes: Honey, Milk, Mushrooms
Location: Winery
Manna lives at the Aja winery with her husband, Duke, and sells wine there. She has a habit of jabbering too much.


Birthday: Winter 26
Likes: Apples, Honey, Fruit Juice
Location: Ranch
May lives at Yodel Ranch with her grandfather, Barley.


Birthday: Spring 11
Likes: Adamantite, Turnips, Miso Soup
Location: Blacksmith Shop
Saibara is the town's blacksmith and will sell and improve tools. He's Gray's grandfather and very strict with him.


Birthday: Summer 30
Likes: Chocolate, Flowers
Location: Supermarket
Sasha is Karen's mother and Jeff's wife. She helps Jeff manage the supermarket. She's very kind, so she visits the other villagers a lot.


Birthday: Fall 5
Likes: Honey, Chocolate, Yarn, Insects
Location: Elli's House
Stu is Elli's brother and Ellen's grandson and becomes upset whenever Elli isn't home. He has a fondness for insects.


Birthday: Summer 25
Likes: Wine, Rice Cakes, Noodles
Location: Mayor's House
Thomas is the mayor of the village. He'll usually be the one who comes by to tell you about certain events.


Birthday: Winter 19
Likes: Apples, Golden Eggs, Orihalcon
Location: Zack's House
Won is a travelling merchant. None of his products can be found in the supermarket.


Birthday: Summer 29
Likes: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cheese
Location: Zack's house (beach)
Zack is the one who will buy your produce and ship it off. He comes by once a day at 5:00 PM to do so. If you put produce in the bin after 5, he will buy it the next day.

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