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Here's a list and descriptions of the characters available for marriage in Exciting Animal March. Your options depend on whether you choose to play as a male or female.

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The Girls


Girl from Marimba Farm. She has a resolute nature and an easy grace about her. She's skilled at making medicines, and often takes her results to the clinic.


A meek, shy girl who works at the Flute Tailor Shop. Her tailoring skills greatly surpass those of her sister, Luna.


Girl from the Harmonica Bar, and much like a dependable older sister. She often goes to Horn Ranch to ride horses.


Candace's younger sister and the tailor's granddaughter. She's not very good with tailoring work, but she still tries to be helpful.


Girl from the Ocarina Inn. While she loves to eat, her lack of cooking skills and its terrible results can be frightening.


Her parents own the Harpsichord General Store. When she is absorbed in her work, she may become oblivious to danger in her surroundings. She often goes to the mine.


Bright, modest girl at Horn Ranch. Her hobbies are fishing and cooking, and she loves farm animals.


Girl from South Island. She's been dancing since she was a child, and is known for her beauty.

The Guys


Archaeologist with the adventurous spirit of a boy, yet the resources of an adult. He came to investigate this land's legend and spends a great deal of time in the mine.


Waiter at the Harmonica bar. As a hobby, he's training under Yolanda to learn to cook.


The mayor's son. Although he's somewhat arrogant and aloof, he's a serious young man who wants to do something for the town.


Doctor at the clinic. Those who know him respect him for his knowledge, and he takes the health of his patients very seriously.


A traveling metal-worker who makes accessories. He loves beautiful things and has a very strict sense of fashion.


Carpenter's son. Bright and full of life, he's dedicated to training everyday with his axe.


Young man who is always thinking of his work at the Blacksmith Shop. He has a serious nature and expresses his feelings directly. He is also fond of drinking.


Avid fisherman who works at the Fishing Shop. He's gentle, easy-going, and likes to nap.


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