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Here's a bit of info on the characters from Exciting Animal March.
Male Protagonist

Rambunctious and curious. This will be your character if you choose to play as a male. (Note: Alternately, you can play as the Male Protagonist introduced in Tree of Tranquility.)

Female Protagonist

Laid-back and works at her own pace. If you choose to play as a female, this will be your character. (Note: You may also choose to play as the Female Protagonist from ToT, instead.)


The god that governs the land. He is asleep in the heavens, but it is reported that he has the power to revive the goddess in the legend.


The goddess who has always been in this land. She has watched over and protected nature for a long time. Even during bad times, she keeps a gentle smile.


He was created by the goddess, half as big as one Harvest Sprite. He often flies around the main character offering advice and guidance.


The Harvest Sprites have special roles, and he is red after fire and Tuesday. He is very energetic and the leader of the Harvest Sprites.


He is yellow after the ground and Saturday. He is always happy and laughing and sets his own pace.


He is blue after the water and Wednesday. He is very intelligent, which is rare for Harvest Sprites. Others are careless, but he is firm and set in his actions.


She is green after the wind. Easy-going, sleepy and calm, she likes to nap.


Purple after the Purple Heart award for bravery, he is the crybaby of the group. He is shy, but perserveres.


Witch who lives deep in the Tam-Tam Forest, and is believed to be as old as the goddess. She does not seek relations with humans and leads a free, willfull life.


Wizard that lives in Harmonica Town. He likes to see the stars, so his house is fitted with a giant telescope.


The mayor of Harmonica Town. He persistently tries to improve the town, but also likes to relax. He is usually working at the Town Hall.


Easy-going grandmother and owner of the Tailor Shop. She is raising her granddaughters, Luna and Candace, and teaching them to be tailors.


Son at Marimba Farm.


Samson's wife. Born and raised on the tropical island in the south.


Cheerful and bright owner of the South Island Inn and Restaurant. Singing and dancing are his favorite things. He treasures his wife, Suou, and his daughter, Selena.


Priest at the Celesta Church, he offers daily prayers. He is gentle and serious, and perserveres although he has little physical strength.


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