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Town Map

1 - Your Farm

This is where you will spend most of your time, doing daily chores such as taking care of your livestock and crops. Takakura also lives here with you.

2 - Lumina's Place

This is where Lumina, Romanna, and Sebastian live. Lumina is one of the girls available to court. And the Witch Princess lives in a shack out back….

3 - Pond

When you first start the game, this is the second spot you see. Here is where you go to see the Goddess when you turn her to human again (After 60 sprites are unlocked). Also, the casino and Sprites for hire are here in the tree.

4 - Mines

Here is where you go to find jewels and precious gems, as well as earrings and other beauty products. These are all located deep inside the ground. Carter and Flora live in the tent. When you have broken the rock by the falls, there is a recovery spring, as well as a fast growing plot of land.

5 - The Town

This is Forget-Me-Not valley. The majority of the people live here. In the Inner Inn there are Nami, Ruby, and Rock. That aside, Van comes on every day that has a 3 and 8 in it, with the exception of the 30th. He goes upstairs and sells items, using an orange box as a table. Beside the Inner Inn is the Blue Bar. Griffin owns the bar, and Muffy lives there as well. Dr. Hardy lives in the house closest to the entry of your farm. He's the one who helps with your baby`s birth. Next to his house live Grant and Kate. Grant works outside the valley, so in order to catch him, you'll need to see him before and after he goes to work. Beside them is Wally, who lives with his wife Chris and their son, Hugh. He is a jogger, and his son is in training to also be a health nut. There is also a path to get to Lumina's mansion.

6 - Vesta's Farm

Vesta owns this farm, and lives with Celia and Marlin. Celia is available for marriage, and is probably the easiest girl in the game to get married to.

7 - Countryside

This is the equivalent to a small town countryside. The fireworks creators Kassey and Patrick live in the little hut that you need to climb a ladder in order to get to. They do the fireworks for the Fall Fireworks Festival. Daryl lives in there as well, perched on top of a hill. He is a crazed scientist, and keeps a mermaid that you can marry in the basement.

8 - Galen & Nina's Land

Nina and Galen are the only ones who live here. You can also find a huge plot of land to plant whatever you feel like. Talk to them, get to know them, befriend them. Good things happen to those who wait.

9 - Beach

This is where all the festivals, with the exception of the Pumpkin Festival, are held. Lots of people just hang out here, so check often to see who's around. Also, Kia sets up his shop here in the summer.

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Town Map

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