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The Sprite Station

There is a nifty little tool you can access called a Sprite Station. It is a TV-like device that you carry with you everywhere.

To access the Sprite Station, touch the lower-left corner (the one that has the picture of the Harvest Sprite next to a TV) on the Touch Screen’s main menu. This will cause a screen to pop up with numbers. Each Sprite on the Sprite Station is named by the solar planets (ex. Mercury’s the 1st channel’s sprite, Venus is the 2nd channel’s sprite, and so on). Here is information on what the Sprites Station Sprites do, and how to unlock them.

Channel 1

(Weather by Mercury)
Channel 1 is pretty self-explanatory. It shows you the weather. This Sprite Station channel shows you the following days’ weather, and is unlocked from the start.

Channel 2

(TV Shopping by Venus)
You must have bought things from Karen’s Supermarket for 10 days to unlock this Sprite and his channel. The TV Shopping channel is a must if you want to get married (which is a very important, yet not required, part of the game). This Channel sells items like the Kitchen, the Big Bed, and the Kitchen Utensils. Call up the operator and order the item you want. Sometimes, there are bogus items on there that can only be bought with another currency, so you can’t buy them.

Channel 3

(Sprite Profile by Earth)
You can unlock this channel by rescuing 20 Sprites. This channel allows you to find more information on what certain Sprites are like, telling you what items they prefer, and what items they despise. It is also very helpful, since it gives information on the whereabouts of certain Sprites.

Channel 4

(Farm Info by Mars)
This channel will activate after you have shipped 300 of one item you produce on your farm. NOTE: Items produced by the maker machines (a maker shed is needed to get maker machines, which can be constructed by Gotz), do not count towards your total of 300.

When a wild dog appears on your farm, this channel will automatically turn on and let you know. Also, it will give you tidbits of information and tips on how to run your farm successfully.

Channel 5

(DJ Channel by Jupiter)
When you buy at least 5 records from Jet this channel will appear. Tuning in will let you change the background music in your game. Unfortunately, if you activate a different song while playing your game, like the music that activates when you enter the rubbing/milking/shearing mini-game, the selected song from channel 5 will automatically return back to the standard season’s music. This means you’ll have to go back and change the music all over again.

Channel 6

(News by Saturn)
To unlock this channel, you must have participated in at least 3 seasonal festivals. This channel will automatically activate when a festival or other important event arrives, reminding you of it.

Channel 7

(Variety TV by Uranus)
To unlock this channel, you must befriend a villager at 100 or more Friendship Points. To easily do this, show anyone your dog or cat. Since most villagers like both, you can show either one. Only one person prefers the dog over the cat, Kassey, so it’s safe to show any villager (besides Kassey) your cat.

This channel shows an episode of Rookie Detective Kanoko.

Channel 8

(Tutorials by Neptune)
You start out with this channel from the start. It gives you tutorials on how to play the game.

Channel 9

(Quizzes by Pluto)
To unlock this channel you need to ship 100,000 of ONE type of item you’ve produced on your farm. Like Channel 4, the maker products do not count to your total. This channel gives you quiz questions on AWL, AnWL, FoMT and MFoMT. If you get 35 questions right, you get a prize.

The Sprite Station
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