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Given that this title in the Harvest Moon series is named after them, the sprites clearly play an important role in the game. The reason: the Witch Princess has sent them to a faraway land to fetch the Harvest Goddess for her. So, here are the locations of the one hundred and one Sprites.

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Red: Shipping & Feeding Team

LEADER: Red Ribbon

Birthday: Winter 12th
Have a total of 10 cows and sheep, in any combination. This will require three barns, so do this after you do the chicken coop requirements for a different sprite, as these are more expensive to build than a chicken coop. Unless you feel like being a chicken farmer, that is .
Likes: Cheese fondue, ruby, red grass
Dislikes: Jam buns, toadstools, weeds


Birthday: Summer 22nd
Ship 300 eggs, milk, and wool in total (i.e., it doesn’t have to be 300 of one kind).
Likes: Stew, pumpkins, red grass
Dislikes: Bamboo rice, curry powder, junk ores


Birthday: Summer 12th
Ship a total of 500 eggs, milk, and wool.
Likes: Apple pie, tomatoes, red grass
Dislikes: Strawberry milk, wool, fodder


Birthday: Spring 26th
Ship a total of 1000 eggs, milk, and wool.
Likes: Ice cream, diamonds, red grass
Dislikes: Sashimi, bell peppers, stones


Birthday: Summer 10th
Shave 100 pieces of wool from a sheep using the touch glove.
Likes: Buckwheat noodles, wool, red grass
Dislikes: Sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, perfume


Birthday: Spring 15th
Shave 300 pieces of wool from a sheep using the touch glove.
Likes: Sandwiches, oil, red grass
Dislikes: Boiled spinach, pirate treasure, golden lumber


Birthday: Fall 16th
Shave 700 pieces of wool from a sheep using the touch glove.
Likes: Cheesecake, perfume, red grass
Dislikes: Vegetable latte, toadstool, tomato juice


Birthday: Spring 5th
Milk your cow 100 times using the touch glove.
Likes: Apple souffle, strawberries, red grass
Dislikes: Steamed dumplings, pumpkins, junk ore


Birthday: Summer 18th
Milk your cow 300 times using the touch glove.
Likes: Tomato juice, milk, red grass
Dislikes: Mountain stew, carrots, empty cans


Birthday: Winter 3rd
Milk your cow 700 times using the touch glove.
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??


Birthday: Fall 5th
Have 10 of any combination of ducks and chickens.
Likes: Gratin, toy flowers, red grass
Dislikes: Sashimi, milk, weeds


Birthday: Fall 7th
Have 20 ducks and chickens, any combination.
Likes: French toast, chicken eggs, red grass
Dislikes: Gratin, onion, bird feed


Orange: Lumber Team


Birthday: Fall 22nd
Get Thomas the item he asks for on Winter the 1rst. When Thomas comes by in the morning he will ask you to find an item for him; he will return at 4:30 pm. Give him the item and he will reward you with a piece of Golden Lumber. The team leader will then appear.
Likes: Curry rice, stone lumber, orange grass
Dislikes: Happy eggplant, branches, junk ore


Birthday: Winter 19th
Chop 100 pieces of wood.
Likes: Stew, pumpkins, orange grass
Dislikes: Mushroom rice, curry powder, amethyst


Birthday: Winter 4th
Chop 250 pieces of wood.
Likes: Wild grape wine, oranges, orange grass
Dislikes: Pickled turnip, copper, junk ore


Birthday: Spring 3rd
Chop 500 pieces of wood.
Likes: Ice cream, broach, orange grass
Dislikes: Tomato juice, poisonous mushrooms, vegetable latte


Birthday: Summer 6th
Chop 15 stumps. You need a level 2 axe or higher.
Likes: Apple pie, lumber, orange grass
Dislikes: Vegetable juice, wool, empty cans


Birthday: Fall 18th
Smash 100 small rocks.
Likes: Buckwheat noodles, stones, orange grass
Dislikes: French toast, cheese, perfume


Birthday: Winter 8th
Smash 250 small rocks.
Likes: Fried thick noodles, dumpling powder, orange grass
Dislikes: Pizza, poisonous mushrooms, fodder


Birthday: Summer 25th
Smash 500 small rocks.
Likes: Hot milk, mayonnaise, orange grass
Dislikes: Stir fry, green pepper, stones


Birthday: Fall 2nd
Smash 5 large rocks. This requires a level 2 hammer or better. These rocks are the big ones that have the same shape as the smaller rocks.
Likes: Apple pie, toadstools, orange grass
Dislikes: Cornflakes, carrots, boots


Birthday: Fall 10th
Smash 15 large rocks.
Likes: Dry curry, bananas, orange grass
Dislikes: Pumpkin pudding, poisonous mushrooms, fish bones


Birthday: Summer 23
Upgrade your axe to Mystrile. When you get it back, swing. Then Valie will appear.
Likes: Cheese fondue, topaz, orange grass
Dislikes: Roasted rice cake, milk, branches


Birthday: Winter 22
Uncurse the cursed hammer by calling the church, and Fen will then appear out of nowhere. This costs 100,000G
Likes: Cake, bodigizer, orange grass
Dislikes: Bamboo rice, onion, bird feed


Yellow: Brushing & Petting Team

LEADER: Canary

Birthday: Spring 30th
Have a total of 15 births on the farm. This can be of chickens, ducks, cows, or sheep, and in any combination you desire.
Likes: Risotto, topaz, yellow grass
Dislikes: Happy eggplant, toadstool, branches


Birthday: Spring 23rd
Appreciate your animals 50 times without using the touch glove.
Likes: Pumpkin pudding, turbojolt, yellow grass
Dislikes: Mushroom rice, curry powder, junk ore


Birthday: Spring 7th
Appreciate your animals 350 times without using the touch glove.
Likes: Tomato juice, small fish, yellow grass
Dislikes: Pineapple juice, yarn, boots


Birthday: Fall 28th
Appreciate your animals 900 times without using the touch glove.
Likes: Sponge cake, peaches, yellow grass
Dislikes: Boiled fish, green peppers, fish bones


Birthday: Winter 15th
Rub your animals with the Touch Glove 50 times. Equip the glove into your Ornament slot inside your Rucksack, with nothing usable on an animal in your Tool slot. Then press A when standing next to an animal. You will be able to use the stylus to pet your livestock.
Likes: Salad, pineapples, yellow grass
Dislikes: Sweet potatoes, cheese, fodder


Birthday: Winter 20th
Appreciate your animals 100 times with the touch glove equipped.
Likes: Doria, potatoes, yellow grass
Dislikes: Boiled spinach, toadstools, weeds


Birthday: Summer 19th
Appreciate your animals 300 times with the touch glove equipped.
Likes: Relaxation tea, golden lumber, yellow grass
Dislikes: Tomato juice, toadstools, vegetable lattes


Birthday: Winter 11th
Appreciate your animals 500 times with the touch glove equipped.
Likes: Tempura buckwheat noodles, weeds, yellow grass
Dislikes: Pancakes, pumpkins, junk ore


Birthday: Spring 27th
Wash (with the brush) 50 animals with the touch glove.
Likes: Sashimi, bird feed, yellow grass
Dislikes: Sponge cake, carrots, perfume


Birthday: Summer 27th
Wash 100 animals with the brush and touch glove.
Likes: Tempura rice, chocolate, yellow grass
Dislikes: Porridge, pumpkins, empty cans


Birthday: Summer 5th
Wash 300 animals with the brush and touch glove.
Likes: Curry bread, gold, yellow grass
Dislikes: Roasted rice cakes, milk, boots


Birthday: Fall 1st
Wash 500 animals with the brush and touch glove.
Likes: Omelets, buckwheat flour, yellow grass
Dislikes: Doria, onions, fish bones


Green: Harvest Team

LEADER: Forest

Birthday: Summer 9th
The first time you swing your sickle when it is at Mystrile level, Forest will appear.
Likes: Risotto, emeralds, green grass
Dislikes: Happy eggplant, moonstones, weeds


Birthday: Winter 9th
Place 1000 items into the Shipping Bin. The 1000 items can be any combination of items, as long as you can toss them into the bin. This includes your crops, animal produce, and even things such as weeds and sticks.
Likes: Chocolate cookies, pumpkins, green grass
Dislikes: Shiitake rice, mystrile, fish bones


Birthday: Spring 19th
Ship 5,000 items.
Likes: Tomato juice, small fish, green grass
Dislikes: Strawberry jam, wool, bird feed


Birthday: Spring 26th
Ship 10,000 items.
Likes: Strawberry milk, perfume, green grass
Dislikes: Stir fry, matsutake, weeds


Birthday: Winter 27th
Ship 30,000 items.
Likes: Salad, wool, green grass
Dislikes: Sweet potatoes, cheese, perfume


Birthday: Spring 28th
Ship 50,000 items.
Likes: Sandwiches, oil, green grass
Dislikes: Boiled spinach, stones, fodder


Birthday: Fall 24th
Toss any item into the basket that you can buy from Karen over the phone.
Likes: Sweet potatoes, yogurt, green grass
Dislikes: Vegetable latte, toadstools, tomato juice


Birthday: Summer 16th
Toss any item on the horse that you get from Takakura.
Likes: Apple jam, cheese, green grass
Dislikes: Steamed dumplings, pumpkins, junk ores


Birthday: Spring 9th
Ship 1 cabbage.
Likes: Wild grape wine, cabbages, green grass
Dislikes: Cornflakes, carrots, perfume


Birthday: Fall 4th
Ship 1 pineapple.
Likes: French fries, bananas, green grass
Dislikes: Porridge, pumpkins, stones


Birthday: Fall 13th
Ship 1 bell pepper.
Likes: Strawberries, gratin, green grass
Dislikes: Roasted rice cakes, yogurt, boots


Birthday: Winter 17
Find the cursed sickle, and have the church remove the curse for you.
Likes: Pickles, pumpkin, green grass
Dislikes: Grautin, iron, bird feed


Blue: Watering Team

LEADER: Ceruleano

Birthday: Summer 2nd
Water a secret square of crop land. The “secret spot” for the 3 hidden sprites can be anywhere in the valley except on your farmland, therefore you don’t have to worry about building a barn on top of your hidden helper. The spots where they are trapped are different for each person’s game.

The soil must be tilled before you water it to uncover the sprite. It is easiest to find these guys when you have high level tools, so you can cover more area at once. Also, in the Winter season, the soil is too hard to use a Hoe on, so these guys can only be found during the Spring, Summer, or Autumn seasons.
Likes: Curry rice, fluorite, blue grass
Dislikes: Jam buns, moonstones, boots


Birthday: Spring 13th
Water 1,000 squares of land.
Likes: Stew, pumpkins, blue grass
Dislikes: Fish stew, copper, fish bones


Birthday: Spring 10th
Water 5,000 squares of land.
Likes: Tomato juice, apples, blue grass
Dislikes: Pineapple juice, wool, fodder


Birthday: Spring 14th
Water 10,000 squares of land.
Likes: Roasted rice cakes, mayonnaise, blue grass
Dislikes: Sushi, bell peppers, boots


Birthday: Summer 8th
Water 30,000 squares of land.
Likes: Salad, toy flowers, blue grass
Dislikes: Sweet potatoes, perfume, bird feed


Birthday: Spring 21st
Water 50,000 squares of land.
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??


Birthday: Summer 14th
Fill your watering can 10 times.
Likes: Cheese cake, green peppers, blue grass
Dislikes: Vegetable juice, toadstools, tomato juice


Birthday: Fall 3rd
Use your Mystrile watering can after you get it.
Likes: Baked yams, oranges, blue grass
Dislikes: Tomato juice, mystrile, fish bones


Birthday: Fall 11th
Call the church, and get the curse removed off of the cursed watering can.
Likes: Grilled fish, milk, blue grass
Dislikes: Cakes, carrots, empty cans


Birthday: Fall 29th
Press A by the watering hole by the horse house.
Likes: Savory pancakes, spa-boiled eggs, blue grass
Dislikes: Porridge, pumpkins, fish bones


Birthday: Fall 23rd
A hidden sprite.
Likes: Strawberries, sunblock, blue grass
Dislikes: Sashimi, pirate treasure, fodder


Birthday: Winter 5th
A hidden sprite.
Likes: Fried rice, large fish, blue grass
Dislikes: Fish sticks, onions, bird feed


Indigo: Fishing Team


Birthday: Summer 3rd
Unlock the spring by the mines. Go and and throw your line in there once, and you will have Blue appear.
Likes: Fruit juice, large fish, indigo grass
Dislikes: Happy eggplants, moonstones, empty cans


Birthday: Winter 23rd
Catch 50 fish. You can hire their own team mates to catch the required number of fish, but the other Fishing Sprites cannot find their own kind. When you check your shipped items list and you discover that you’ve had them catch X amount of fish, you need to cast your own line into any fishable water area to rescue the hidden sprite.
Likes: Boiled pumpkins, diamonds, indigo grass
Dislikes: Shiitake rice, curry powder, perfume


Birthday: Spring 24th
Catch 500 items with your fishing rod.
Likes: Happy eggplant, tomato, indigo grass
Dislikes: Strawberry jam, wool, fish bones


Birthday: Winter 7th
Catch 1,000 items with your fishing rod.
Likes: Hot milk, moondrop flowers, indigo grass
Dislikes: Sushi, bell peppers, weeds


Birthday: Fall 14th
Catch 5,000 items with your fishing rod.
Likes: Salads, toy flowers, indigo grass
Dislikes: Sweet potatoes (recipe), bamboo shoots, perfume


Birthday: Winter 10th
Catch 10,000 items with your fishing rod.
Likes: French fries, dumpling powder, indigo grass
Dislikes: Boiled spinach, fish fossils, weeds


Birthday: Spring 4th
Catch 50,000 items with your fishing rod.
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??


Birthday: Summer 21st
Remove the curse from the cursed fishing rod. This costs 100,000 G.
Likes: Tempura buckwheat noodles, oranges, indigo grass
Dislikes: Candied potatoes, pumpkins, junk ores


Birthday: Summer 29th
The first time you use your Mystrile fishing rod, Fisher will appear.
Likes: Apple pie, cabbages, indigo grass
Dislikes: Rice soup, carrots, boots


Birthday: Fall 25th
Buy a duck pond and cast your line into it. Yacht will then come back.
Likes: Matsutake rice, peridot, indigo grass
Dislikes: Porridge, pumpkins, branches


Birthday: Winter 2nd
Cast your line into the pond where you fill your watering can.
Likes: Cheesecake, topaz, indigo grass
Dislikes: Sashimi, milk, wood lumber


Birthday: Winter 18th
Cast your line into the second Hot Spring. To unlock this one, you need to take 100 baths in the first Hot Spring.
Likes: Pickled cucumber, buckwheat flour, indigo grass
Dislikes: Grautin, onions, fodder


Purple: Healing Team

LEADER: Violetto

Birthday: Fall 17th
At the first Hot Spring, go into the the spa 200 times. It only counts if you’ve been in the Hot Spring for more than one hour at a time.
Likes: Curry rice, amethyst, purple grass
Dislikes: Apple jam, toadstools, junk ore


Birthday: Spring 20th
Have the healing team heal you 100 times. The interval between each time needs to be 30 minutes or longer.
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??


Birthday: Winter 1st
Have the healing team heal you 500 times.
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??


Birthday: Fall 20th
Have the healing team heal you 750 times.
Likes: Grape juice, mayonnaise, purple grass
Dislikes: Sashimi, bell peppers, boots


Birthday: Spring 12th
Have the healing team heal you 1,000 times.
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??


Birthday: Summer 28th
Eat any 30 wild grasses.
Likes: Omelet rice, potatoes, purple grass
Dislikes: Boiled spinach, toadstools, weeds


Birthday: Winter 6th
Eat 80 wild grasses.
Likes: Sweet potatoes, grapes, purple grass
Dislikes: Tomato juice, toadstools, vegetable latte


Birthday: Fall 8th
Eat 150 wild grasses.
Likes: Grape wine, strawberries, purple grass
Dislikes: Pickled turnips, pumpkins, junk ores


Birthday: Fall 26th
Buy one drink from the Blue Bar.
Likes: Mushroom rice, milk, purple grass
Dislikes: French toast, cheese, perfume


Birthday: Winter 28th
Buy 50 drinks from the bar.
Likes: Cake, corn, purple grass
Dislikes: Pumpkins, toadstools, fish bones


Birthday: Winter 13th
Use the Hot Springs up by the Goddess Pond 200 times for at least 1 hour at a time. This is similar to the requirements needed to find Violet. This spa can be unlocked if you use the first Hot Springs 100 times.
Likes: Pudding, dress, purple grass
Dislikes: Sashimi, milk, stone lumber


Birthday: Winter 21st
Use the Hot Springs by the Goddess Pond 500 times for at least 1 hour at a time.
Likes: Stir fry, buckwheat flour, purple grass
Dislikes: Fish sticks, onions, fish bones


Black: Sprite Station


He is in the introduction of the game. You don’t find him.


Buy something from Karen’s place on 10 different days. Venus is on Channel 2, and he sells the house items for you.


He gives you hints as to where other sprites are. He is unlocked after you unlock 20 sprites. He runs Channel 3.


Ship 300 of one type of item. This can be of anything, but it has to be one type. Sweet Potatoes are one of the easiest to do this with.


After you buy 5 records, this channel becomes unlocked, so you can actually play the records you buy!


Go to three festivals, and he will be unlocked. He will tell you of upcoming events, and will give information on a specific event in greater detail the day or two before.


Get someone over 100 Friend Points. All that is on this show is a detective program.


He’s unlocked during the introduction, so you don’t need to find him. He only gives a few tutorials, so this is helpful if you’re new to the game.


Ship 100 000 of an item. This is considered absurdly hard, but it’s not. With a level 99 milker, or a good sweet potato crop, this should take a short amount of time to unlock. He then asks you questions about AWL, FoMT, and AWL:FG. These are rather easy to answer.


Brown: Casino Team


First sprite you find. He lets you make the other sprites work.


Cross your bridge to Celia’s farm past the 8th of Spring, and he will be unlocked. He lets you redeem medals for prizes in the casino.


Investigate the water well behind Griffin’s place. He’s the poker sprite.


Check the stove behind the Inner Inn. He is the blackjack sprite.


Check the fountain in front of Lumina’s place. He is the memory game sprite.


He sells medals to you, and he is a clerk. This is where you get the teleport necklace, among other things.


Try to leave town on the trail outside Celia’s farm. It will not let you go further, and Jackie will stop you. You must continue to work, you slacker!


White: Baby Sprite


He’s the only sprite in this category. He is a baby sprite that supposedly gives you something good if you look after him. He is found in the pot to the left of the counter. He’s also only available after 60 sprites have been found, meaning he cannot be used as a sprite for marriage.


The Sprite Station
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