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The town of Forget-Me-Not Valley is filled with a diverse amount of people. In total there are 48 folk that live or visit the valley. The 14 marriage candidates will not be listed here, or Daa-Chan, the stuffed bear (he’s only in the Japanese version, supposedly), but the other 34 people will be explored.

Each villager has a value of points, similar to Love Points (LP), called Friendship Points (FP). These all start at 0 and each item given to a person either raises the FP or drops it. Items that the villager likes will raise it, while items they don’t like will drop it.

Below you'll see descriptions of the 34 other villagers of the valley, including their likes, dislikes, and birthdays. They're listed in alphabetical order, and an asterisk indicates that this is a rival for a girl's affection.


Birthday: Summer 4th
Barney owns the Barney Circus. He is a clown and ringmaster, and only moves in after you and your wife have a child. He spends a lot of time inside the circus, but can be found outside the back tent or by the huge rock occasionally.
Loves: Wine, rice cakes
Likes: Bamboo shoots, matsutake mushrooms
Dislikes: Any of the colored grasses, fish fossils, weeds, ores from the mine


Birthday: Spring 11th
Carter is the intelligent, yet somewhat stubborn, man who works at the excavation site. He works with Flora trying to uncover things. He is very happy to have Flora’s company, and will marry her if you see all of their rival events.
Likes: Candied potatoes, lithographs, matsutake mushrooms, eggplants, any of the season suns, wool, and yarn
Dislikes: Strawberries, any colored grass, ultimate curry


Birthday: Spring 20th
Chris is the working mother of Hugh; she is also Wally’s wife. She goes to the city every day as a sports announcer. She spends a lot of time in the city at work, but returns home at night.
Likes: Any jewellery from the excavation site (necklaces, broaches, earrings, bracelets), chocolate, any fruit
Dislikes: toadstools, garbage items, colored grasses, animal foods


Birthday: Summer 6th
Cliff only appears if you plug in your copy of Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town into the GBA slot of your Nintendo DS. Cliff is a traveler who stays at Mineral Town’s Inn. He likes to keep to himself, but is rarely rude and almost always friendly. Cliff arrives at the valley on Saturdays and spends the mornings inside the Inn, and walks around the spring during the afternoon.
Likes: Wild grapes, normal grapes, cucumbers, apples, strawberries, rice, pineapples, your dog's ball
Dislikes: Colored grasses, toadstools, pirate treasure, wool, yarn


Birthday: Winter 28th
Cody is the calm and quiet artist who lives in the big old metal trailer. He is very quiet and wanders around the valley to find good inspiration for more of his metallic sculptural workings.
Likes: Any tool-upgrading stones (copper, silver, gold, mystrile, mythic), flowers, wool, yarn
Dislikes: Poisonous mushrooms, fish, perfume, colored grasses


Birthday: Summer 29th
Daryl is the strange scientist who lives in a large laboratory near the Turtle Swamp. He found Leia the mermaid, and has cared for her ever since she washed ashore. If you befriend him, you’ll be able to meet and befriend (or even marry) Leia, since she lives in Daryl’s basement.
Likes: Any fish, colored grass, matsutake mushrooms, wool, yarn, lithographs
Dislikes: Milk, jewellery from the excavation site, toadstools, dog's ball


Birthday: Winter 9th
Galen is the kind-hearted old man who lives in the valley with his kind wife Nina. Looks may be deceiving, since Galen looks mean, but is actually a nice man who will eventually give you your fishing pole.
Likes: Pirate treasure, fish fossils, fish, colored grass
Dislikes: Garbage items, chocolate, mayonnaise, animal foods


Birthday: Fall 2nd
Gotz isn’t actually a villager, but he comes to the valley on Saturdays (GBA connection not required). Call him up on the phone if you need any facilities built, or extensions on your house.
Likes: Apples, matsutake mushrooms, cucumbers, bananas
Dislikes: Toadstools, colored grass, yarn


Birthday: Winter 3rd
Grant is the salaryman who lives with his daughter Kate. He seems very nervous a lot of times, and is barely in the valley, except at night.
Likes: Wine, matsutake mushrooms, yogurt
Dislikes: Colored grasses, chocolate, toadstools


Birthday: ??
Gray upgrades your tools via phone (Blacksmith Saibara), but comes to the valley every Thursday (GBA connection required). Gray is very quiet, but if you become his friend, he will warm up to you. He spends most of his time at the excavation site, but comes to the Inn at night.
Likes: Jewellery found in the mines, chocolate, wood lumber, stone lumber
Dislikes: Bamboo shoots, garbage items, red or yellow grass, turnips, carrots


Birthday: Summer 13th
Griffin owns the Blue Bar and gave Muffy a place to stay after she moved out of the City. He and Muffy seem to have a growing relationship, and if you see all their rival events, he will marry her. Griffin is very kind and serves drinks after 6 PM.
Likes: Red magic grass flowers, fish, wine, tool-upgrading stones (copper, silver, gold, mystrile)
Dislikes: Colored grass, matsutake mushrooms, garbage items


Birthday: Spring 3rd
Gustafa is the traveling musician who plays soothing sounds on his guitar. He has a crush on Nami, and if you see all their rival events, will marry her. He is very kind and loves nature.
Likes: Peaches, flowers, milk, necklaces, broaches, earrings, the dress
Dislikes: Toadstools, matsutake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, colored grasses


Birthday: Spring 12th
Hardy is the valley’s one-eyed doctor. He owns the Clinic, which is next door to Kate and Grant’s house, on the pathway just south of your farm. He is pretty creepy looking and dresses rather casually to be a doctor, but is actually very kind.
Likes: Matsutake mushrooms, colored grasses, fish, wine
Dislikes: Toy flowers, perfume, lumber, garbage items, mayonnaise, animal feed


Birthday: Fall 28th
Hugh is usually exercising and training with his father, Wally. His mother Chris is always out at work, so he spends most of his days wandering around the valley.
Likes: Milk, chocolate, matsutake mushrooms, mayonnaise, yogurt, your dog's ball (after he's a teenager)
Dislikes: Any colored grass


Birthday: Summer 22nd
Kai arrives in the valley every Summer to open up a shack so he can sell food. He will move out of the valley when Summer’s over. GBA connection is not required to meet Kai.
Likes: Pineapple, eggs, yogurt, wild grapes
Dislikes: Colored grass, mushrooms, fossils


Birthday: Winter 11th
Kassey and his twin brother make fireworks at their shack to the far West of the valley, just north of Cody’s trailer. Kassey is more serious than his brother when it comes to work, and he has a slight crush on Muffy.
Likes: Jewellery from the mines, rice cakes, matsutake mushrooms
Dislikes: Colored grasses, other mushrooms


Birthday: Summer 15th
Kate lives with her father, Grant. She hangs out with Hugh at the Pond, but is sometimes mean to him. She rather likes to point out that her father is at fault for her parents’ divorce. When your child is born, Kate will turn into a teenager.
Likes: Cheese, yogurt, tool-upgrading stones, strawberries, flowers
Dislikes: Colored grasses, wine, pepper, carrots


Birthday: Spring 24th
Marlin lives with his sister, Vesta, and Celia. He has a crush on Celia, and if you see all their rival events, he will marry her.
Likes: Wine, rice cakes, wild grapes, fruit from your farm
Dislikes: Colored grasses, jewellery from the mines, garbage items


Birthday: Fall 4th
Mimi works at the Barney Circus (which means she moves in with Barney after you and your wife have a child). She enjoys it a lot when your young one comes to visit.
Likes: Matsutake mushrooms, flowers, wine, chocolate
Dislikes: Toadstools, garbage items, colored grasses


Birthday: Winter 1st
Mukumuku is a furry Yeti-like creature who lives near the Goddess Pond in the Winter. You can only see him at night for 30 days, and he is a legendary creature who doesn’t speak English.
Likes: Flowers, mushrooms, fruit from your farm, turnips
Dislikes: Colored grasses, poisonous mushrooms, garbage items


Birthday: Fall 29th
This hobo dude doesn’t have a house, but he sleeps by the Harvest Sprite’s Tree in the Pond Area.
Likes: Eggs, mayonnaise, milk, cheese, yogurt---nearly any food
Dislikes: Flowers, colored grasses
Hates: Anything from the mines


Birthday: Spring 28th
Nina is the kind old lady who is Galen’s wife. She is a sweet woman who, if you befriend her and give her a ball of yarn, will make you a stocking for the Stocking Festival.
Likes: Wool, yarn, flowers, jewellery from the excavation site
Dislikes: Mayonnaise, perfume, chocolate


Birthday: Winter 11th
Patrick is Kassey’s twin, and is the friendlier of the two.
Likes: Flowers, shiitake mushrooms, diamonds, wine, rice cakes
Dislikes: Colored grasses, garbage items


Birthday: Fall 27th
Rick is the jolly guy who sells you livestock via Yodel Farm (call it on your telephone). If you plug in your GBA game, he’ll visit every Sunday. He is a little overprotective of his sister Popuri, though.
Likes: Corn, eggs, milk, mayonnaise, wine, chocolate, bird feed
Dislikes: Pumpkins, poisnous mushrooms, wool


Birthday: Spring 9th
Rock is the party-loving son of Ruby, the Inn owner. He is very confident of himself, and is your rival for Lumina’s affection.
Likes: Matsutake mushrooms, cheese, yogurt, jewelry from the mines
Dislikes: Colored grasses, garage items, lumber


Birthday: Spring 2nd
Romana is the somewhat strict owner of the manor in the northwest corner of the valley. She lives with her granddaughter Lumina, and is trying to teach Lumina how to play the piano in order to follow her deceased mother’s dreams.
Likes: Grapes, flowers, shiitake mushrooms, oranges
Dislikes: Colored grasses, cheese, wool, fish


Birthday: Summer 11th
She runs the Inn located south of your farmland. Ruby loves cooking.
Likes: Rice cake, bamboo shoots, cooked items (except failed cooking!)
Dislikes: Flowers, wool, yarn, yellow grass, red grass


Birthday: Fall 23rd
Sebastian is Romana’s elderly and loyal butler. He is very calm and kind, and does everything for his mistresses (Romana and Lumina).
Likes: Flowers, fish, jewelry from the mines
Dislikes: Colored grasses, mayonnaise, garbage items


Birthday: Summer 18th
The supposed ‘helper’ on your farm, who apparently ‘helps you out’… when he really does nothing special. He just reminds you when an animal has died. Takakura lives in the little house on your farmland. He helps Popuri study every Sunday (GBA connection required) and he walks around the valley a lot.
Likes: Bananas, large fish, cheese, rice cakes
Dislikes: Colored grasses, carrots, chocolate, garbage items, poisonous mushrooms


Birthday: Summer 25th
Thomas is Mineral Town’s mayor and ends up being your shipper. He ships your items into town from all of your shipping bins. He also delivers items from the TV Shopping channel, and gives you your dog ball.
Likes: Jewelry from the excavation site, rice cakes, wine, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt
Dislikes: Colored grasses, garbage items


Birthday: Fall 19th
Doctor Trent visits Mineral Town with his nurse Elli every Wednesday (GBA connection required), and he helps out at Hardy’s place. He’s very serious, but cares for everyone in Mineral Town and Forget-me-Not Valley.
Likes: All colored grasses, fish, wine, apples
Dislikes: Pirate treasure, garbage items, most mine/excavation items


Birthday: Fall 1st
Van is the traveling salesman who sells things on every day that ends with a ‘3’ or an ‘8’ (so, the 3rd, 8th, 13th, 18th, 23rd, and 28th of every month, Van will arrive). He stays on the top floor of the Inn.
Likes: Chocolate, diamonds, large wool, fish, jewellery from the excavation site
Dislikes: Flowers, all colored grasses, toadstools, garbage items


Birthday: Summer 28th
Vesta owns her own produce ranch with her brother, Marlin and her helper, Celia. She is kind, but very strict when it comes to crop care. She opens her shop (to sell crops) at 4PM - 7PM, but is not opened on Mondays.
Likes: Crops, flowers, jewellery from the excavation site, perfume
Dislikes: Colored grasses, garbage items


Birthday: ??
Wally is Chris’ husband and Hugh’s father. He is a health freak and likes to exercise around the valley.
Likes: Yogurt, colored grasses, fruit from your trees, rice balls
Hates: Mayonnaise, jewellery from the excavation site, wine

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