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Here are details about all the shops in town - When they're open, what you can buy, and what you can sell.

Aja Winery

Hours: 9 AM - 12 PM; Closed on Saturdays.
Owner: Duke

Item Price
Grape Juice 200G
Wine 300G
Blacksmith's Shop

Hours: 10AM to 4PM (until you're good friends with Saibara, when it will be open at 9AM)
Owner: Saibara
Tool Upgrades

Item Price
Copper 1000G
Silver 2000G
Gold 3000G
Mystril 5000G


Item Price
Brush 800G
Milker 2000G
Clippers 1800G

Special Items

Item Price
Jewelry 1000G and Orichalc
Mayo Maker 20,000G and Adamantite
Cheese Maker 20,000G and Adamantite
Yarn Maker 20,000G and Adamantite

*You must also have at least one chicken/cow/sheep to make those last three, as well as the chicken coop and barn extensions.

The Clinic

Hours: 9 AM - 4 PM; Closed on Wednesdays.
Owner: Doctor

Item Price
Examination 10G
Bodigizer 500G
Bodigizer XL 1,000G
Turbojolt 1,000G
Turbojolt XL 2,000G
The Inn

Hours: 8 AM - 9 PM
Owner: Doug

Item Price
Apple Pie 300G
Cheesecake 240G
Cookie 200G
Salad 300G
Set Meal 500G
Water 0G(Free)
Poultry Farm

Hours: Noon - 4 PM; Closed on Sundays.
Owner: Lillia

Item Price
Animal Medicine 1,000G
Chicken 1,500G
Chicken Feed 10G


Item Sell Price
Chicken 500G
Kai's Seaside Lodge

Hours: Unknown; Only open in Summer when Kai comes to the Village.
Owner: Kai

Item Price
Pasta 300G
Pizza 200G
Roasted Corn 250G
Snowcone 300G
Water 0G(Free)

Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM; Closed on Sundays and Tuesdays
Owner: Jeff

Item Price
Basket 5,000G
Blue Feather 1,000G
Bread 100G
Curry Powder 50G
Fish Food 20G
Flour 50G
Oil 50G
Rice Balls 100G
Rucksack (M) 3,000G
Rucksack (L) 5,000G
Wrapping Paper 100G

Spring seeds:

Item Price
Cucumber 200G
Grass 500G
Potato 150G
Strawberry 150G
Turnip 120G

Summer Seeds:

Item Price
Corn 300G
Grass 500G
Onion 150G
Pumpkin 500G
Tomato 200G

Fall Seeds:

Item Price
Carrot 300G
Eggplant 120G
Grass 500G
Spinach 200G
Sweet Potato 300G
Won's Seeds
Owner: Won

Item Price
Cabbage 500G
Green Pepper 150G
Magic Red Flower 600G
Orange Cup 1,000G
Pineapple 1,000G
Pink Cat Flower 200G
Toy Flower 500G
Yodel Farm

Hours: 9 AM - 3 PM; Closed on Mondays.
Owner: Barley

Item Price
Animal Medicine 1,000G
Bell 500G
Cow 6,000G
Cow Miracle Potion 3,000G
Fodder 20G
Sheep 4,000G
Sheep Miracle Potion 3,000G


Item Sell Price
Cows Depends on their heart level
Sheep Depends on their heart level

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