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Harvest Sprites

Meet the odd little Harvest Sprites of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature!

Where to Find Them

The Harvest Sprites live in a small hut in the back of the Church, and it's generally open from 10 AM to 5 PM. Take the pathway off to the side of the Church and follow it until you see the hut.

What They Do

Working on the Farm:
The main thing the Harvest Sprites usually do in this game is help you out on your farm a bit. That's right, you can hire them to work for you. There are three main jobs you can assign them: Watering the the plants, harvesting the crops, or taking care of the animals. Usually, you'll have to talk to them a few times to get them to work for you; the more they like you, the less you'll typically have to talk to them to get them to help. After that, you'll need to tell them how long you're hiring them for: For a full day starting the next day, 3 days starting the next day, or 1 week starting the next day.

Bear in mind that, when they first start out, they'll be pretty bad at what they do. How well they do their work generally depends on a few things:

  • How much they like you - The closer you come to overworking the sprites, the less affection they'll have for you. This will in turn affect how hard and how well they do their work. Make sure you try to give them a present at the end of each workday so their affection rates don't go down.
  • How much experience they have - When they first start out, they probably won't do their jobs that well. The more they work for you, the better they'll get at it.
  • What time of year it is - Spring is when they hold their tea party; obviously, they're not going to want to work as hard during that time.
  • Personality - Obviously, the lazier sprites won't work as hard as the more diligent ones…

Also, note that when they take care of your animals, they do NOT know how to use the mayo, yarn, and cheese maker machines. All your animal products will be harvested as is, so you won't make as much money since you're selling, say, raw milk instead of cheese. Your animals' affection rates won't go up as much as well, since your animals need you to talk to them personally.

Relaxation Tea Leaves:
The Harvest Sprites will also give you your Relaxation Tea Leaves, which can be used in cooking. You get them during Spring, when they're having their tea party. Bring seven presents (wrapped) to the Harvest Sprites’ House in Spring between 3 PM and 4 PM. If you talk to the sprites, they’ll tell you about their tea party - You have to have presents to join. So give one of your gifts to each sprite, and you’ll have your tea party. You will then receive a bag of Relaxation Tea Leaves. (Note: You can only have one bag at a time; in other words, you need to use up your current bag or they won’t give you anymore.)

What They Like

The sprites especially LOVE flour. You can buy it at the supermarket. They also like apples, honey, apple pies, anything grown in the forest, and most anything you cook at home. It's also nice to give them items that match their colors. Giving them birthday presents always helps as well; birthdays can be found in the Birthdays section.


There are seven harvest sprites in this game, each of them with their own color and personality!

Aqua: This guy wears light blue clothing, which he's.. fond of, to say the least. He doesn't really like working that much.
Bold: He wears the dark purple clothing, and is typically a good, hard worker.
Chef: This guy wears the red outfit, is a generally diligent worker, and really likes to cook. He's also the one who gives you the recipe for Roasted Potatoes.
Hoggy: As you can probably guess by his name, this one is kind of lazy. He wears yellow clothing, and likes to sleep a lot.
Nappy: The orange sprite. He tends to be pretty hardworking and dependable.
Staid: He wears dark blue clothing. Like Nappy, he's also pretty dependable.
Timid: This one wears green clothing, and as you can guess by his name, he has a timid nature. He's not a bad worker, though, nonetheless.

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