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Guys and Marriage

Once again, marriage isn't required, and the game ends on your wedding day, but it's good to get married, anyway. Interesting to note that the guy who saved you won't admit it until AFTER you've married him, heh.

All that you have to do is befriend the guy, see the right cutscenes, and once you've seen the required cutscenes and have a guy up to a red heart, you'll get one final scene in which he will confess his feelings for you. If you say that you love him too, then he will come by your house in one week (or, in Kai's case, on the 1st of Fall) with a Blue Feather. If you accept it, you'll be married on that same day.

You do have rivals for their affection, though, and it takes longer to get them to the next heart color.


Where he lives: The inn
Where he works: Vineyard (If you tell him about it in the first year! If you don't, he'll leave the town for good.)
Birthday: 6th of Summer.
Personality: He's very shy, but will open up to you more the closer you get to know him. He's very easy to marry.
Rival: Ann
Best gifts: Apples
Also likes: Spa-poached eggs, eggs, milk


Where he lives: The Clinic
Where he works: The Clinic
Birthday: Fall 17
Personality: He's definitely the most mature of the guys. He's very serious. It might seem that he doesn't have much of a personality, but if you become good friends with him, you really see a side of him you didn't expect to be there… He likes to have fun sometimes, too! You also have the fiercest rival for his affection: The doctor and Elli are close friends from the beginning of the game, and you don't have to be friends with either of them for them to get married in Year 3. In the regular BTN, his name is actually Tim, although it isn't revealed at the start. But in Japanese, everyone refers to him as “sensei” in this game. His name is actually “Doctor.” Yet, when trying to translate to English… “sensei” becomes “doctor”, thus leaving him without a name!
Rival: Elli
Best gift: Poisonous mushroom
Likes: All herbs, wine


Where he lives: The inn
Where he works: The Blacksmith's shop
Birthday: Winter 6
Personality: He's very cold at first, and is also quite shy, so he won't talk much until you get to know him better. He doesn't like the country very much, but once he's in love with you (or Mary), he'll change his mind.
Rival: Mary
Likes: Ores, medicine, eggs, bread


Where he lives: The Inn
Where he works: Restaurant on Mineral Beach (during the Summer)
Birthday: Summer 22
Personality: Very sure of himself, good with women and children, meaning all the guys in town really don't like him (especially Rick.) Despite what the others say about him, he's actually pretty sweet.
Rival: Popuri
Likes: Eggs, corn, bread, tomatoes


Where he lives: Chicken Lil's (the poultry farm)
Where he works: Chicken Lil's
Birthday: Fall 27
Personality: He might come across as a very unlikable person at first, but if you get to know him better, you'll find out that he's just under a lot of stress right now, since his father is gone, his mother is sick, and his sister is a bit rebellious. He's very loyal to those he loves, including you. It's interesting to note that Rick is the only guy who is a native of Mineral Town.
Rival: Karen
Best gifts: Any egg-made dish.
Also likes: Eggs, spa-poached eggs, wine

Guys and Marriage
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