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Most festivals start at 10 AM and are held at Rose Square. Ones marked with an asterisk (*) take place at 6 PM (or later).

If they don't take place at Rose Square, it'll be mentioned in the festival's description.

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1st: News Years Day*

(Note: You don't celebrate New Year's Day in Year 1, but you do every year after that.)
This festival is where the town people get together. The is two places to go to.The Inn and the Town Square. If you go to The Inn, you drink wine. If you go to the Town Square, there is a huge fire in the middle od the square.

8th: Goddess Festival

This festival celebrates the coming of spring. The girls in town all dress up in costumes and perform a dance for the villagers. The day before the festival, the guy who likes you the most will come to your house at noon to ask to escort you. However, if Kai likes you the most, then it's tough luck: he's only there during the summer, so you'll have to go alone or go with the guy who likes you second best..

14th: Thanksgiving Festival

This is a day when the guys in town show their appreciation for the hard work the women do and give the girl they like some kind of sweet. If you gave a guy some chocolate on the Winter Thanksgiving day, he'll return the favor!

18th: Local Horse Race

This festival is when you race your horse. Also you can bet on other horses to earn points for prizes.

22nd: Cooking Festival

The gourmet judge comes to town to choose the best dish. If you have a kitchen and cooking supplies, you should try to enter a dish and see if you win!


1st: Opening Day

This day celebrates the opening of the swimming season!! Each year, the people who participate are different:

  • Year 1 — You, Kai, Ann, Elli, Gray, the Doctor
  • Year 2 — You, Kai, Popuri, Karen, Jeff, Harris
  • Year 3 — You, Popuri, Karen, Ann, Elli, Mary
  • In Year 4, it repeats the same people who participated in Year 1.
7th: Chicken Festival

A chance to prove that your best hen is, well, not chicken (Ha, bad pun…)! Your goal is to drive your opponent's chicken out of the ring. If your chicken wins, it'll start producing golden eggs.

12th:Tomato Festival

You can join one of the four teams here and try your best at pelting the opposing teams with tomatoes. You must be very careful on this one: If you're hit with a tomato, you're out! The last team standing wins.

20th: Cow Festival

The day before this festival, Barley will come over and ask you what cow you want to put in the festival. Pick the one that has the most hearts. Next day go to the Yodel Ranch and see if you won the festival.

24th: Fireworks Display*

Go to the beach for this one. One of the guys might invite you to watch the fireworks with him.


3rd: Music Festival*

This one takes place at the church at 6PM. Pastor Carter will ask you to play the ocarina at the festival the day before. IMPORTANT: You must be on time for this! If you're late you can't participate!

9th: Harvest Festival

Everyone in town brings an ingredient for a big potluck dinner. You can bring something, too, but some things (such as honey, lumber, poison mushrooms, etc.) will ruin the stew.

13th: Moon Viewing*

You go to the top of Mother's Hill after 6 PM for this one. If you have a kitchen, go to the supermarket and buy the kit to make Moon View Dumplings (Just talk to Jeff behind the counter). You don't need any utensils to make the dumplings.The guy who likes you the most will be waiting at the top of the mountain. (Once again, if it's Kai who likes you most, it will be the guy who likes you second most waiting for you.)

21st: Sheep Festival

Same as the cow festival. Barley comes over to your house and asks if what sheep you want to put in the festival. Pick the one that has the most hearts. Next day go to the Yodel Ranch at 10 am. If your sheep wins, it will start producing golden wool.


10th: Dog Race

You and your dog have to work together in this race. Your dog must like you enough to follow you when you run. Be sure to hug your dog every day and play fetch with him a lot when you get the ball from Won to ensure your victory. You can bet on dogs to earn you points for prizes.

14th: Winter Thanksgiving

This is the day that women and girls show their appreciation to the men in the village. Buy chocolate at the supermarket (just talk to Jeff) and give it to the guy you like most!

24th: Starry Night Festival*

The day before, buy an invitation from Jeff. Give it to the guy whom you want to invite. Make sure that you have some stuff in your rucksack when he comes (Wine and bread would be fine).

30th: News Year's Eve*

This takes place at the peak on Mother's Hill at midnight. Join some of the villagers to see the first sunrise of the new year!

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