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Here's a list of all the characters in the game.

Birthdays can be found in the Birthdays section.


Ann is Doug's daughter, your rival for Cliff's affection. She's rather outgoing, though she can be shy at times. She works at the inn.


Basil's wife and Mary's mother. She also likes to talk a lot, though she isn't a match for Manna. I'm not sure what she likes, but in this game, she really hates flowers!


Owner of Yodel Ranch and May's grandfather. His daughter, Joanna, came back some time ago, and simply left one day, leaving him to raise May on his own. You can buy cows, sheep, fodder, miracle potions, medicine, etc. from him.


A botanist who moved to Mineral Town with his wife, Anna, and daughter, Mary, some years ago. He loves plants, so you can probably guess what to give him. He also has written many books on various subjects, but mostly about plants.


The pastor of the village. He conducts the wedding ceremonies, and will also give you confession if you choose to go.


Cliff is a newcomer to the village. He lives at the inn and will work at the vineyard if you help him out with getting the job. Despite is rough appearance, Cliff is actually very nice. He wants to stay in the village, but can't unless he can get a job and make some money. For more about Cliff, visit the Marriage section.

The Doctor

For some odd reason he's the only person with no actual name… Anyway, he runs the clinic. The doctor's a very serious man who has lately been questioning whether or not he's really needed in the village. For more about the Doctor, visit the Marriage section.


Owner of the inn and Ann's father. He's a great cook, and desperate to see his daughter get married someday soon! I'm not sure what he likes, either.


The vineyard owner. He loves to drink, but his wife, Manna, won't let him drink at home, so he goes to the bar at night. I'm not sure what he likes… Wine, probably!


Elli and Stu's grandmother. She has bad legs, so she's always sitting in her rocking chair at home. She used to be a midwife. I'm not too sure what she likes, but you should talk to her since she's always cooped up in that house.


Elli is Ellen's granddaughter and Stu's older sister and your rival for the doctor's affection. She's generally very nice, but will get extremely upset if the doctor chooses you over her for anything (dancing, the Goddess Festival, etc.).

The Goddess

Birthday unknown. She lives in the water by the waterfall. Throw in a vegetable to give an offering to her. If you give her enough vegetables, she might just do something for you (See the Goddess section).


The carpenter. He used to have a family at one time, but his wife and all their children were tragically killed in a storm years ago. He now lives alone behind the Poultry Farm (Chicken Lil's). He likes lumber.

Gourmet Man

He comes to town once a year, for the Cooking Festival. You can't give him anything, so don't bother trying! His birthday is unknown, as well.


Gray is Saibara's grandson, a native of the big city, and works at the blacksmith's shop as an apprentice. He's rather surly, but he will improve if you keep on befriending him. For more about Gray, visit the Marriage section.


The mayor's son and the only policeman in the village. He, like his father, cares for other people a lot. It seems that he has long had a crush on Duke and Manna's daughter, Aja, who left town years ago. I'm not sure about what he likes.



Owner of the supermarket. Sasha is his wife and Karen is their daughter. He'll let anyone push him around, especially his wife. But he's very nice, and (in for Girl, anyway) is very concerned with his daughter's future. I'm not sure what he likes, and his birthday is Winter 29.


Kai only comes during the summer, and runs a restaurant on the beach. He's pretty nice, but has a way with women and is rather unpopular with most of the men of the village because of that. He and Rick can't stand each other, though Kai is quite fond of Rick's younger sister. For more about Kai, visit the Marriage section.


Don't know much about him, except that he lives in the big lake, above the waterfall, where the Winter Mine is.


Karen is the daughter of Jeff and Sasha, your rival for Rick's affection. She's a bit of a prankster sometimes, but is generally very nice and willing to listen to anyone who has problems they need to talk about. She hangs around the supermarket most of the time.


Lillia is the mother of Rick and Popuri. Her husband has been gone for quite some time, looking for a cure for a strange disease that Lillia has. You can buy chickens and chicken feed from her when she's in the house at the poultry farm (which is almost all day, every day but Sunday). She seems to like flowers, herbs, and medicine a lot.


Duke's wife. She sells wine from her house from 9 AM to noon on every day but Saturday. She loves to talk, and will tell you some interesting gossip about the townspeople quite often. Be sure to give something to her on her birthday — I don't remember if she said anything special in BTN, but in HM for Girl, she has a very funny reaction!


Mary is the daughter of Basil and Anna, your rival for Gray's affection. She's rather shy, and loves to read. She works at the library.


Barley's granddaughter. She lives at Yodel Ranch, but is very lonely. When she comes to your house to ask to help on the farm, bring her to the church, and she'll play with Stu almost every day from then on. She likes flowers and sweets the most. She doesn't like bamboo shoots.


Popuri is Lillia's daughter and Rick's younger sister, your rival for Kai's affection. She's quite childish, though she will open up to you more if you befriend her. She stays at the Poultry Farm most of the time.


Rick is Lillia's son and Popuri's older brother. He works at the Poultry Farm. He's rather nice, but likes to argue with people — namely Popuri, Karen, and Kai. Rick and Kai hate each other and don't get along at all. For more about Rick, visit the Marriage section.


The blacksmith, and Gray's grandfather. A rather surly-looking old man who can be pretty gruff. He can upgrade your tools, sell you tools, and make jewelry. The most expensive things you can get from him are the mayo maker, cheese maker and yarn maker. They're pricey (20,000G each!) but are well worth the price. He likes ores.


Jeff's wife and Karen's mother. She's pretty pushy, but overall very kind. I'm not sure what she likes, but I know that she doesn't like anything made with fish.


Elli's younger brother. He loves mischief, and often gets in trouble. He likes sweets (I think).

Mayor Thomas

The mayor of Mineral Town (obviously) and Harris's father. He cares a lot for the villagers and is good friends with Ellen. He likes most vegetables and cooked items, I think.


A shady-looking peddler who sells things at high prices. However, he does sell some worthwhile things: Fruit and vegetable seeds that the supermarket doesn't have. And he also sells flower seeds.


The shipper. He came to town years ago and now ships things directly to and from the city, saving individual villagers valuable time by selling their goods to the city, meaning they don't have to travel. He lives by the sea, and you can never go into his house for some reason… He also seems to have a bit of a crush on Lillia.

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