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Getting married is one of the big goals in this game. There are five girls available for marriage: Ann, Elli, Karen, Mary, and Popuri. Give them many gifts until they like you enough to accept your proposal. You'll need to have upgraded your house twice, and once a girl is at a red heart (or close to it), a Blue Feather will become available at the supermarket. Buy it, and propose to the girl with that.

Heart Rates

You can tell how much each girl likes you by looking at the color of the heart at the end of each of their dialogue boxes. You'll see a cutscene with a girl each time her heart rate raises. Here's a general guide as to what each heart means:

  • [black] - You are strangers.
  • [purple] - You're acquaintances.
  • [blue] - You're pretty good friends by now.
  • [green] - You're good friends, and maybe a little flirty.
  • [yellow] - She probably has a crush on you.
  • [orange] - She's starting to really, really like you.
  • [red] - She loves you! Now's the time to propose!
[BTN] AnnAnn

Ann is sweet and kind. She loves animals, and is a bit of a tomboy. She's not very picky, though there may be a few things that you try to offer her that will be decline. She is fairly outgoing.
Likes: Omelets, Boiled Eggs, Spa-boiled eggs, Salad, Stir Fry, Strawberry, Apples and Tomatoes.
Dislikes: Fish, bamboo shoots, and ore.

Time Location
7-10 AM Hotsprings*
10 AM - 1 PM Inn on the 2nd floor
1-7 PM Inn on the 1st floor
7-10 PM Inn on the 2nd floor
[BTN] ElliElli

Elli is a nice, caring girl with a motherly nature who works as the Doctor's assistant at the Clinic. She is a pleasant, traditional girl, and is a popular choice of many.
Likes: Strawberries, Flowers (all kinds), Accessories, and Orange Cup Fruit
Dislikes: Ores

Time Location
9 AM - 7 PM Clinic
9:30 AM - 1 PM* Her House
1:30-4 PM* Supermarket
4:30-7 PM Her House
[BTN] KarenKaren

Karen is an outgoing girl who is usually in high spirits. She has less of an attitude than she did in Harvest Moon 64. She's helpful and will listen to your problems. She is sometimes disappointed in her dad. Karen enjoys drinking.
Likes: Wine, Moon Drop flowers, Popcorn, and Sashimi.
Dislikes: Ore, fish, and the other flowers.

Time Location
8-10 AM In front of the Supermarket (except on rainy days)
10 AM - 1 PM Her House
1:30-4 PM (Tuesdays) Hotspring
1:30-4 PM (on Tuesdays if it's raining) Gotz's House
1-6 PM Supermarket
7:30-10 PM* The Inn
[BTN] MaryMary

Mary is a kind, well-mannered librarian. She is still rather shy, though not as much as she was in Harvest Moon 64. She is more interesting once you get to know her.
Likes: Grass (all kinds), Grape Jam, Tomato Juice, Mushrooms, Mushroom Rice, Veggie Latte, Poison Mushrooms, Raisin Bread, and Relaxation Tea leaves
Dislikes: Some ores

Time Location
7:30-10 AM* Mother's Hill
10 AM - 6 PM Library
1-4 PM (Library closed) Supermarket
[BTN] PopuriPopuri

Popuri is the sweet, “cutie-pie” girl of the game. She is rather childish, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preference.
Likes: Boiled Eggs, Cookies, Hot Milk, Strawberry Milk, Apple Pie, Spa-boiled eggs, Apple Jam, Ice Cream, Cake and Fruit Juice
Dislikes: Ore and grass

Time Location
7:30-10 AM Hotsprings (except on rainy days)
8:30-10 AM (Sundays, in Summer) Beach (except on rainy days)
9:30 AM - 1 PM* Church
10-6 PM Her House
1:30-4 PM* Rose Square
1:30-4 PM (Sundays, on rainy days) Church

Character Events
Church Confessional
Crops, Herbs and Minerals
Girls and Marriage
Harvest Sprites
Power Berries

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