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[BTN] Town Map
1. Gotz's Home

Here is Gotz's home. You can get the Extensions here.
2. Yodel Farm

You can get your animals here. It is also where some festivals are held, and where Barley and Mary live.
3. Poultry Farm

Popuri, Rick and Lillia live here. You can purchase chickens or chicken feed.
4.Mineral Beach

You can visit Kai and Jack here. Festivals are sometimes held here. It is also a spot where you can fish.
5. Rose Square

Most of the festivals are held here. In the afternoon, several women may gather in Rose Square to gossip.
6. Harvest Sprites's Home

The Harvest Sprites live here.
7. Church

Come to the church to visit people and use the Confessional Box.
8. The Inn

You can eat food at the Inn. Ann and Doug live here, and it is also where you can find Won.
9. Clinic

Are you sick? If so, head to the clinic. Both Elli and the Doctor live here.

Get food, items and crops here. Karen lives in the room found behind the door, along with her parents.
11. Mayor's House

Visit the Mayor: he loves to talk to people.
12. Ellen's House

This is where Ellen lives.
13. Library

Read books at the Library. Mary works here.
14. Mary's House

Where Mary can be found if she is not working at the Library. Visit her on her days off.
15. Aja Winery

Buy wine from the Aja Winery, or work here in the Fall.
16. Blacksmith

Upgrade your tools here or buy special items.
17. Your Farm

You start out here: it is your home.
18. Hot Springs

Head over to the Hot Springs if ever you have the time.
19. Mother's Hill

Gather flowers and other things here. In the Winter, you can find the Winter Mine.
20. Peak of Mother's Hill

If you have time, go to it at night and watch the stars. The New Year's Festival is held here.

Character Events
Church Confessional
Crops, Herbs and Minerals
Girls and Marriage
Harvest Sprites
Power Berries

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