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Several festivals occur in Mineral Town annually. Below is a list of all the festivals and descriptions.


1st: News Years Day

During this festival, the citizens get together at either The Inn or the Town Square. If you go to The Inn, you drink wine. If you go to the Town Square, there is a huge fire in the middle of the square.

8th: Goddess Festival

This is the festival where the five girls available for marriage dance. The day before the Goddess Festival, ask the girl you like to go with you to the dance.

14th: Thanksgiving Festival

This is when you give one of the girls a sweet to eat.

18th: Local Horse Race

This festival is when you will either race your horse, or bet on other horses to earn points for prizes.

22nd: Cooking Festival

During this festival, you must cook a meal. Bring the food that you cooked either the very same day, or the day before. This festival is difficult in that Ann or Doug usually wins


1st: Opening Day

This festival allows you to go swimming in the ocean.

7th: Chicken Festival

This festival allows you to compete with your chicken in a series of chicken fights. If you win all rounds, your chicken will start laying golden eggs.

12th:Tomato Festival

At this festival, you throw tomatoes at various citizens of the town. It is entertaining to throw tomatoes at a character that you hate.

20th: Cow Festival

The day before this festival, Barley will come over and ask you which cow you want to compete with in the festival. Pick the one that has the most hearts. The next day go to the Yodel Ranch and see if you won.

24th: Fireworks Display

At 6pm go to the Beach. Once you are there, pick a girl with whom you would like to watch the fireworks.


3rd: Music Festival

Carter will come to your house and ask you if you want to play in the festival. If you do play, go to the church at 6:00 PM.

9th: Harvest Festival

If you attend the festival and drop any type of food into the pot, you shall get a portion of the stew.

13th: Moon Viewing

If you go to the top of Mother’s Hill, the girl that likes you the most will be there as well.

21st: Sheep Festival

Identical to the cow festival. Barley comes over to your house and asks which sheep you want to put in the festival. Pick the one that has the most hearts, and the next day, go to the Yodel Ranch at 10 am. If your sheep wins, it will start producing golden wool.


10th: Dog Race

Similar to the horse race, but your dog will be the one competing. You can bet on other dogs to earn you points that you can cash in for prizes.

14th: Winter Thanksgiving

The girl who likes you the most will come over to your farm and give you a sweet treat.

24th: Starry Night Festival

The girl who likes you the most will invite you to have dinner with her.

30th: News Years Eve

Go to the top of Mother’s Hill at 12 AM and watch the sunrise with the villagers.

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