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In this game, animals will play a crucial role. Without them, your farm may not experience much in the ways of success. Back to Nature makes sure to provide you with a variety of animals, and so you can acquire on your farm a dog, a horse, sheep, cows, and chickens.

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The first day you get your farm, you shall receive the dog. Before you begin your work on the farm you are given the option of naming him. The dog starts out as a puppy, and takes about three months to grow up.

The dog requires a certain amount of care in order to be of use to you. Pick him up every day (stand next to him an press the X button), and his affection for you will increase. After you buy the ball from Won, you can also play fetch with him–The more you play with the dog, the better he'll do in the Dog Race. Fortunately, your furry companion does not require feeding.

If you take good care of him, he can also help in chasing away stray dogs that might come to terrorize your animals.


Sometime in Spring of the first year, you can visit the Yodel Farm and they will give you a horse.

The horse is useful, convenient, and easy to take care of. He has his own stable, which is separate from the barn. The horse, when first received, is still but a pony, and so cannot be used to ride anywhere. You will have to brush him (buy the brush from Saibara, the blacksmith) and talk to him every day in order to increase his affection towards you. A year later, when he's grown, you will be able to ride him, though you will not be able to talk to him anymore. Like the dog, you don't need to feed your horse. Taking good care of him has its own rewards, as with proper handling your horse shall compete well in the Horse Races.

The horse's saddle also has two pouches in it, which can be used as mobile shipping bins. Simply put any type of crop into the pouches and they'll automatically be sold, which is identical to the shipping bin's function.


Chickens are easy to take care of, and they'll probably be the first animals purchased on your farm. The chickens can be bought at the Poultry Farm, and they are convenient in that you only ever need to buy one: your chicken shall lay an egg a day, and this egg can be hatched to produce yet another chicken. When the chicken is first bought, it will have to be fed for three days before it will start laying eggs

You buy chicken feed from the Poultry Farm, or you can take corn and throw it into your windmill and produce your own feed (one piece of corn makes 10 units of feed). However, you can also put your chickens outside and plant some seeds to make them a pasture. They will automatically eat from this, and it will save you from feeding them yourself. Remember to use lumber to make a fence around the area in which you would like your chickens to remain; otherwise, they will get lost,–or even worse, they will be terrorized by stray dogs. The chickens should also be brought inside whenever it rains. If you neglect to feed your chicken for one day, it will not produce eggs for three

Giving birth:
Hacting a chicken requires taking an egg and placing it in the incubator, where it will sit for three days until it produces a chick. It will then take seven days for the young one to grow up, and another 10 days (approximately) for it to have a single heart of affection for you. It is at this point that the chicken will start laying eggs.

Once you get the Mayo Maker, chicken eggs can also be used to make mayonnaise. Although all eggs sell for the same price, they will vary in quality, depending on how well you take care of your chickens. Hence, the quality of the mayonnaise will depend on the quality of the egg.

Chicken Prices
Type Buying Price
Chicken 1500G
Chicken Produce Prices
Item Selling Price
Egg 50G
Golden Egg 150G
Normal Mayonnaise 100G
Good Mayonnaise 150G
Excellent Mayonnaise 200G
Grand/Golden Mayonnaise 300G

Cows are probably the most profitable animal you can buy. When you purchase your first cow, it will take approximately 15 days until it starts to make milk, after which time it will produce milk every day (so long as you continue taking care of it). Given that they are the most profitable animals, cows are also the most expensive to buy; you can find them on sale at the Yodel Farm.

Make sure to brush and talk to your cows every day. Like the chickens, you can also put your cows outside. Make a fence with lumber, plant grass, wait until it grows, and the cows will eat that instead of fodder. You can also chop the grass with your sickle to convert it to fodder, and it will automatically be put into your silo. When it rains, you should bring your cows inside, or they will get sick. The bell, bought from Barley for 500G, can be used for this. The bell makes all of the cows and sheep gather around you, which makes the task of pushing them into the barn by hand much easier.

Giving birth:
You can use the Miracle Potion (buy it at the Yodel Farm) if you want your cow to have a baby. She will be pregnant for 20 days, after which it will take 14 days for the newborn to grow up. It will then take another 14 days for it to start producing milk.

Milk your cows with the milker, which you can buy from Saibara at the Blacksmith's shop. The quality of the milk will depend on your cow's level of affection towards you, and the selling price will depend on the quality of the milk. If your cow wins the Cow Festival, it will start producing golden milk. Also, once you get the cheese maker, you can make cheese from your milk. Like with mayonnaise, the quality and selling price of the cheese depends on the quality of the milk.

Cow Prices
Type Buying Price
Cow 6000G
Cow Produce Prices
Item Selling Price
Normal Milk 100G
Good Milk 150G
Excellent Milk 200G
Grand/Golden Milk 300G
Normal Cheese 300G
Good Cheese 400G
Excellent Cheese 500G
Grand/Golden Cheese 600G

Sheep are very profitable animals, bested only by the cows, with whom they share the barn.

Sheep are cared for in a way that is identical to the handling of the cows: brush and talk to them once a day, and the more they love you, the more wool they will produce. Each sheep costs 4000G. As soon as you buy a sheep, you can shear it right away, although the wool will not be worth much, since it doesn't have a lot of affection for you yet. Once shorn, wool takes seven days to grow back.

Again, like cows, you can put the sheep outside. Build a fence with lumber, plant grass, and they will eat it once it grows. You can also use the bell to herd sheep back into the barn when it rains; it will draw them close to you, and you need only push them into the barn.

Giving Birth:
The Miracle Potion for sheep is essential if you want your sheep to have a baby. Your animal will stay pregnant for 20 days, and then it will take another 14 days for the newborn to grow up.

Shear the sheep with the clippers, which you buy from Saibara at the Blacksmith's Shop. If your sheep wins the Sheep Festival, just as with cows and chickens, it will start producing golden wool. Once you get the Yarn Maker, you can make yarn from the sheeps' wool. As with the rest of the animal products, the quality and selling price of the yarn depends on the quality of the wool.

Sheep Prices
Type Buying Price
Sheep 4000G
Sheep Produce Selling Prices
Item Selling Price
Small Wool 100G
Medium Wool 400G
Large Wool 500G
Grand/Golden Wool 600G
Small Yarn 300G
Medium Yarn 700G
Large Yarn 800G
Grand/Golden Yarn 1000G

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