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Theme Song

Dreams Come True - A Little Waltz

The Japanese pop band Dreams Come True was founded in 1988 and features three key members: Nakamura Masato, the arranger and producer, Yoshida Miwa, the lead vocalist and songwriter, and Nishikawa Takahiro, the keyboardist and sound designer. Dreams Come True is considered by many to be one of the most influential Japanese bands of all time, with a very unique, classic, and overall very pleasant style of music.

Their song, A Little Waltz, was released in late 1993 in their album entitled Magic. A Little Waltz has been selected to be the theme song for Harvest Moon: Oh! Wonderful Life. Lyrics and translations are from

Lyrics (Japanese)

Haru no oka no tsukushi no you ni sora ni kao wo agete iru
Natsu no shiroi RANINGU SHATSU kaze to taiyou shimikonderu

Aki no kogane no inaho no you ni yutaka na yume sasayaite
Fuyu no hoshi wa tooku sunde yoku nite iru anata no hitomi ni

Tsuki no michi wa toki wo shirusu nagaku nagaku koe ni mo sezu
Tsuki no you ni sonna fuu ni anata wo sotto omotte itai

Shizuka ni mimamoru chikara wa itsu shika kokoro wo tsuyoku suru
Arashi no kumo mo haruka ue wa joutenki

* Haru mo natsu mo aki mo fuyu mo anata wo sotto omotteru
Haru mo natsu mo aki mo fuyu mo anata wo zutto omotte iru

* repeat

Warainagara aruite yukou
Warainagara aruite yukou

Lyrics (Translation)

Like a horsetail on a hill in the spring, raising my face to the sky
In the summer, soaking up the wind and sunshine in a white running shirt

Like the rice of gold in the fall, abundant dreams whispering
The stars in winter are far and clear, they resemble your eyes

The moonlit street leaves its mark on time, forever, forever, without even a voice,
Like the moon, in such a way, I want to quietly think of you

Quietly, the will to watch over you, my heart becomes ever strong
Even though there are storm clouds far far above, its good weather

* Spring, summer, fall and winter, I quietly think of you
Spring, summer, fall and winter, I'll always think of you

* Repeat

Walking while I laugh
Walking while I laugh


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