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Heart Scenes

Unlike Friends of Mineral Town, you don't have to see all of a girl's events in order to marry her. But it's nice to see all of them anyway! Some of the scenes are very hard to get, though, so you'll have to work hard for them.

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Celia seems to be the youngest of the girls. Her health is rather fragile, but most of the time she's a very bright and chipper young woman. However, she does have certain problems... mainly pertaining to people. She is already engaged and is the only girl who has a possesive parent-like figure dominating over her. This person will cause some problems during your courtship, so beware.

Note: Either there is a bug in my copy of the game or the developers overlooked one major thing in Celia's events: a chronological order. With the other two girls, their events must occur in the order listed, and their final scenes (the ones before the marriage proposal) can only happen during the month of Indigo. With Celia, this is not the case. The A Big Problem, O-miai, and confession scenes seem to have to come in that order, but her first three scenes can come at any time, even after her confession scene! And while it's likely that you will not see her confession scene until Amber or Indigo, I've gotten it as early as the 3rd day of Pepper! So if her events do not come in the order listed here, don't worry about it.

Childish Reasoning?

(1 heart in diary)
(Note: I have also gotten this scene without Celia being at one red heart, so it's kind of random.)

After you've noticed one red heart in Celia's diary, go inside the house at the produce farm and exit at a time when Celia is outside. You'll see Celia working in the field, and walk over to her. She'll tell you how much she likes working at the farm, and then ask you if work on the farm bothers you. Tell her it doesn't (option 2) and Celia will say that's good. She'll then turn back to the field and say that she loves working with plants because she thinks they give her extra strength. She'll laugh and ask you if you think she sounds like a little kid when she says that. You'll automatically shake your head no.

A Walk by the Spring

(2 or 3 hearts in diary)
Exit your house around noon, and you'll see Celia on the path that leads to the spring. She's standing on the path, looking over your farm, and talking to... Well, she seems to be talking to the plants that live on your farm for some reason or another. She will continue to walk up the path to the spring, and you will automatically follow her.

At the spring, Celia will be surprised to see that you followed her. She'll tell you that she loves coming here because she finds it relaxing.

She'll tell you to be silent, and you'll get the option to move or not. Don't move (option 1). She will then say how it seems like everything in nature is relaxing right now. Agree with her (option 1) or she'll think you're crazy (And who was that who was talking to my plants just a little while ago? Hmm...).

Going Somewhere?

(2 or 3 hearts in diary)
Try to go into the house at the produce farm at a time when Celia is inside and Vesta and Marlin are inside the other building. Celia will come out just as you raise your hand to knock on the door. You'll end up startling each other. Celia will walk away from the house a bit, and you automatically follow. She will then comment on how nice the weather is. Suggest that you should go out and do something together (option 2). Just as you speak, Marlin will come out of the other building and stop to watch you two. Celia thinks about it for a moment and then asks what you need from her.

Marlin has decided that he's not going to let you go anywhere with her. He reminds Celia that she needs to go shopping today, and Celia suddenly remembers that Vesta had told her to do that, so she apologizes to you and says she really needs to get going. Offer to go with her (option 2). Celia will be quite happy with that, but Marlin will tell you that you can't go with her. He calls you something to the effect of a ladies' man. Celia gets very angry at him and tells him that he shouldn't say such things!

Well, I suppose Celia must have said that quite loudly, for then Vesta comes out of the other building to see what the ruckus is about. She sees Celia there and wants to know why she hasn't gone shopping her. Before Celia can answer, Marlin speaks up and tells Vesta that you were keeping her from going. Celia gets angry again and tells Marlin that is not so! You can either agree with Marlin (option 1) or apologize (option 2). If you apologize, then Celia will ask you to escort her on the path to town, where she will apologize for Marlin's rudeness, saying that he only worries about her too much and that you shouldn't mind what he says.

A Big Problem

(4 hearts in diary)
Try to enter the house at the produce farm at a time when Celia is inside. She will come out before you knock. She will ask you to go to the spring with her. Say you will (I forgot which option that is...).

At the spring, Celia will comment on how pretty everything is... but she's not happy. Offer to listen to her if she's troubled about something (option 1). She will tell you that Vesta's decided that she should go ahead and proceed with the marriage her parents arranged for her. Celia's apparently been putting off meeting the young man for a while now, but will now have to meet him and decide what to do. Celia truthfully doesn't want to go through with it at all, but she's afraid to tell Vesta that.

You can either tell her that this is just a test (option 1) or that she should break it off (option 2). No matter what you say, Celia won't feel much better about it.


(4 hearts in diary)
This is a rather hard event to get: You must enter the house at the produce farm at a time when Vesta, Marlin, and Celia are all downstairs. Once you enter, you'll see that Marlin is yelling at Celia for going ahead and meeting the person she is supposed to marry without telling him. Vesta tells him sharply that it's none of his business. Marlin then demands that Celia tell him what she's decided: Is she going to marry that other person or not? Before Celia can say anything, Vesta tells him he'd better shut up since Celia shouldn't have to tell him anything. Vesta then notices that you entered, and welcomes you in. Pretend that you didn't hear anything at all (option 1).

Vesta will announce that Celia decided to meet the person she's engaged to (the first meeting between two people who are supposed to marry each other is referred to as o-miai in Japanese), and then will ask Celia what she thought of him. Celia says that he is a nice person, but, after glancing at you and then turning back to Vesta, says she still needs some time to think about it.

Celia's Confession

(4 hearts in diary)
This will only happen after you have gotten the o-miai scene. Exit your house some time after 6 AM. Vesta and Takakura will be there. Vesta is frantic because she cannot find Celia anywhere! She's disappeared! Marlin runs up and tells Vesta that he can't find Celia either, and Vesta tells him to go back home just in case Celia returns there. Vesta will then ask you to help find Celia, and you will automatically agree.

You go up to the spring and look around, but Celia is not there. Saddened, you go to your farm... and see Celia near the fence to the pasture, talking with your dog!

You run to Celia, who has something very important to tell you. She lets you know that she broke off her engagement with that other man... because she is in love with you. Tell her that you love her, too (option 1), and Celia will be very, very happy! She will promise to be the best sweetheart she can be, then will go back home to let everyone know she is all right.

Proposal v.1

(4 hearts in diary and Blue Feather)
Offer the Blue Feather to Celia, and tell her that you want her to have it (option 1). You will be transported to the spring, where Celia will tell you how happy she is and that she never dreamed she would be proposed to in this way! If you have already seen her confession scene, then Celia will take it without asking if it is for her or not.

Proposal v.2

(4 hearts in diary and Blue Feather)
If you have not given Celia the Blue Feather by the end of Indigo, she will come to your house and will want to have a little talk with you. She will ask you if you were really thinking of marriage or not, and is afraid that you may have changed her mind and are not in love with her anymore. When you get the chance, propose to her (option 1). Celia will take the Blue Feather from you and excitedly run off to tell Vesta and Marlin the good news. You will automatically follow her outside, and the regular wedding scene will follow.


Muffy is a lonely young woman who has just about given up on the hope of ever getting married. But then she meets a certain farmer, and, well, things might just turn around for her...

A Visit

(1 heart in diary)
After you've noticed one red heart in Muffy's diary, go into your house and exit right away, sometime in the mid- to late afternoon. Takakura will come up and talk to you, saying that he has something to tell you about shipping. Well, just as he's about to talk, you suddenly hear your dog bark, and Muffy lets out a startled yelp! The dog has cornered her near the barn, so you automatically run up to her and shoo the dog off. You and Muffy talk for a moment, then Muffy sees Takakura over by your house. He wordlessly walks away. Muffy then gets a worried look and apologizes for making him angry.

Tell her that he is not really angry (option 1), and she'll cheer up right away. Then ask her if she's okay (option 1), and she'll assure you that she's fine and likes animals (Yeah, right...). Then Muffy will leave, after getting permission from you to return whenever she likes to take a look around the place.

Clumsy, Clumsy, Clumsy!

(2 hearts in diary)
Enter the bar in the evening, and Muffy will come out before you, angry at herself for breaking a dish. Listen to her story (option 1) and you'll raise your friendship level with her. She'll thank you for hearing her out and then suggest that you enter the bar together.

A Friend's Wedding

(3 or 4 hearts in diary)
For some reason, I could not get this scene to trigger until Winter, so I don't know if you can get it before that.

Exit your house in the afternoon, and you'll meet up with Muffy walking around on the road. She has just come back from the wedding of a friend in the city. Her old friends who attended the wedding thought it was funny how Muffy is now working as a barmaid in the valley, so she's a bit upset about that. She'll ask you where you think she belongs. Tell her that she belongs in Forget-Me-Not Valley (option 2) and she'll be happy.


(4 hearts in diary)
Try to go to bed between 6 and 8 PM, and you'll get this event. Muffy will come to your house, asking if she can stay for a little while, since she thinks someone's stalking her! Tell her she can stay (option 1). Soon, someone else will come and knock on your door, and it turns out this whole thing was a misunderstanding... The person who was “stalking” her was really just Griffin! Relieved, Muffy will decide to return to the bar.

Afternoon Date

(4 hearts in diary)
Enter the bar around noon. Muffy will ask you to go to the back room with her. Once there, she'll comment on how bored she is, since no one has come to the bar today... You can take this opportunity to ask her out on a date (option 1)! Muffy will be enthralled and agree to it right away. Once you two return, Muffy will tell you that she had a wonderful time and that you'd better ask her out again sometime, hehe.

Proposal v.1

(4 hearts in diary and Blue Feather)
Offer the Blue Feather to Muffy. If you have not yet gotten the “Afternoon Date” scene, you'll have to tell her that you're giving it to her (option 1). If you have already seen that scene, then Muffy will automatically take it without giving you the chance to say anything. You'll be transported to the back room of the bar, where Muffy will tell you how happy she is and then drag you out of the room for some reason... Once you're gone, she will take the feather out of her pocket, look at it, and then sigh happily, glad to see that someone does indeed love her enough to want to marry her! On the first day of Parrot of the second year, you two will be married.

Proposal v.2

(4 hearts in diary and Blue Feather)
If you have not given the Blue Feather to her by the end of Chapter 1, then you'll get this event. Muffy comes into your house while you're asleep and finds the Blue Feather! She greets you when you get up. After commenting on how cute you look when you're startled, Muffy will then pull the Blue Feather out of her pocket and ask you why you have it. She really wants it, but is afraid that you might not let her have it. When you get the chance, propose to her (option 1). Muffy will, of course, keep the feather and then run off to tell Griffin right away! You will follow her, and the regular wedding scene will follow.


Nami is a wanderer who seems unable to get and keep a job. She keeps trying to leave the valley, but something is holding her back. She tells everyone it's only Ruby's cooking, but if you become good friends with her, you'll find out it's a lot deeper than that...

A Visit

(1 heart in diary)
Once you have noticed one red heart in Nami's diary... Or, rather, once Nami turns her head to look at you when you walk by (Nami's diary is ridiculously hard to check), go to your house and exit around noon. Nami will be there, looking over your pasture. She'll turn around and notice you, then turn back to the pasture and tell you that she doesn't need anything from you, so you ought to get back to work. Tell her “Whatever you say” (option 2), and she'll decide to take a tour of your farm. Afterward, she will decide that you're a pretty nice guy after all...

Conversation at the Bar

(2 hearts in diary)
This has got to be one of the hardest scenes in the game to get! You have to enter the bar at a time when both Nami and Muffy are in there. They cannot be in the back room, so you will have to wait until some time in the afternoon to enter. Following Nami around might be a good idea... Anyway, enter the bar after Nami. It will just be you and her (and Muffy and Griffin) in there. When you first get to say something, choose option 1. You'll be asking her if you can sit next to her. Nami will tell you that it's okay since no one else is there. She'll then turn back to the counter without another word. You should then offer to tell Nami your reasons for coming to Forget-Me-Not Valley (option 2) as opposed to asking her why she's here.

Nami will be glad to hear you out. After you tell your story, Nami will make a comment about Takakura and then ask if the farm's making any money. Tell her you're not really keeping track (option 3). Nami will laugh and then leave.

However, she didn't pay for her drink! Tell Muffy you'll pay for it (option 1), and Muffy will comment on how nice of a person you are.

Nami Missing?!

(3 hearts in diary)
Enter your house around 8AM. Someone will knock on your door. It's Tim and Ruby! They ask you if you've seen Nami today, and you automatically say no. Tim turns back to Ruby with a concerned look on his face, then turns back to you and explains that Nami has left. She took all her things with her and left just enough money in her room to pay the fee for her stay. Tim asks you to keep a look out for her, and you can either promise that you will (option 1) or offer to help them find her (option 2). If you select option 2, then Tim and Ruby will both be quite happy and the three of you will leave to look for her.

However, the search comes up with nothing. Nami can't be found. While the three of you are brooding over this, Nami suddenly walks up and asks Ruby about lunch! You, Ruby, and Tim are too startled to say anything. Nami looks at Tim and Ruby, confused, for a moment before asking what is wrong. Tim will ask her about the money she left in her room, and Ruby will tell her that she was certain that Nami had left for good. Nami silently turns around, away from them, scolwing for a few moments. Tim then tells Ruby that she'd better go and fix lunch for Nami right away! Ruby agrees and the two of them head back to the inn.

Once they're gone, Nami quietly curses herself for coming back. She had meant to leave for good, but got hungry on the road and somehow found her way back. As she's about to head into the inn, she stops and turns around to talk to you for a moment, assuring you that she's fine. She then goes into the inn.

Letter for Nami

(4 hearts in diary)
Go into the inn late at night. You'll see Nami at the desk, and Tim will walk in from the kitchen. They will talk about a phone call Tim got the other day from Nami's father, telling her to come home. Nami doesn't have much to say about it. She will then ask if she can have the letter she spotted behind the desk: It's addressed to her. Tim goes behind the desk and gets it for her. Nami reads it and says that it's from her family, they want her to get a job or go back home. Nami will ask Tim if it's alright for her to work at the inn sometimes. Tim says that's fine with him! Nami begins to walk to the door, until Tim clears his throat to tell her that the two of them aren't the only two in the room... Nami finally sees you, and asks if it would be alright for her to work at your farm sometimes. Say yes (option 1). Nami will be happy if you do.

Nami's Problem

(4 hearts in diary)
Enter the inn late at night during the Winter. Tim will be behind the desk. He'll ask why you've come. Tell him you want to see Nami. Tim will be very happy and tell you that Nami hasn't been looking too well lately. She needs someone to cheer her up, and thinks you're the right person.

Just then, Nami comes downstairs. Tim calls out to her, but Nami exits the inn anyway. Tim tells you to follow her, and you automatically agree.

You'll meet up with Nami at the beach. She's starting to cry, but stops once she sees you. Too late, you already saw her crying!

She'll then explain to you that she's almost out of money and has no choice but to leave the valley. She truly wants to stay, but she can't ask Tim and Ruby to allow her to stay at the inn for free. You can then tell her that she may come to live with you at your house (option 2). Nami will think about it for about two seconds and then happily agree!

This counts as an alternate proposal. No matter what happens now, Nami will come to live with you on the first of Parrot of year 2.

Proposal v.1

(4 hearts in diary and Blue Feather)
Offer the Blue Feather to Nami. She will ask you what it's for (She has no clue) and tell her that you want her to marry you (option 1). She will be shocked! You'll be transported to her room at the inn, where she isn't sure if she answered correctly or not... You will enter the room right after she does, and automatically pull out the Blue Feather again. Nami decides to take it, saying that she thinks she should marry you, too. She'll promise to take good care of it. If you have already seen the event above, Nami will not ask you what it's for. She'll somehow know and will go ahead and just take it from you.

Proposal v.2

(4 hearts in diary and Blue Feather)
If you have not given the Blue Feather to her by the end of Chapter 1, then you'll get this event. You must also have not seen the “Nami's Problem” event. Nami will come to your house in the early morning, telling you that she must now leave the valley. She has no choice, as she is out of money. However, she was thinking that you might allow her to live with you. Tell her you'd like to live together (option 1), and Nami will be so happy she'll run to the inn and tell Tim, Ruby, and everyone else right away! You will follow her, and the regular wedding scene will follow.

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