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After having it built for 2,000G you get a pond in the middle of your field. Also during the summer of Chapter 2 you can trigger the ducks event which will then result in ducks taking residency up at your farm!

Seed Maker

There are two ways to acquire a Seed Maker. The first way is to buy it from town for 4,000G and have Takakura deliver it to you (it'll appear in the menu after you've bought the pond). The second way is much less expensive --- simply befriend Daryl and enter his house at a time he's there. You'll get an event in which Daryl is furious that people from the city stole his idea of the seed maker, and he'll offer to give his own Seed Maker to you so you can make people aware of the fact that he made it.

The Seed Maker is exactly what it sounds like --- it makes seeds. Simply place a crop you've grown into the Seed Maker, and after 72 hours it will have produced two bags of seeds from that crop. You can duplicate the crops as much as you like this way, and it proves to be very useful when dealing with hybrids.

Food Production Room

For the production of this add-on to your Food Storage Building you will have to pay 30,000G. Though it costs a lot you will have the opportunity to process cheese and butter from your cow milk. Typically cheese and butter sell for more than milk, so in case this will result in a better cash flow for your farm and would be a wise investment at some point.

Milking Room

For 60,000G you can have a milking room built next to your Tool Shed. The Milking Room does exactly what the title suggests, it milks your cows for you. Though until they get used to the routine you will have to guide the cows into the room by pushing them in. After time they should learn to go in on their own without your assistance.

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