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Chapter Information

These are just names of the chapters and some basic features of certain chapters.

1 - The Beginning
  • 1 year long.
  • You choose which girl you want to marry, and marry her at the end of this chapter. (Muffy, Nami, or Celia.)
  • You already have everything needed to run a farm, it’s your goal in this chapter (and all the rest) to make the best of your farm, and get new equipment and animals!
  • You can begin building friendships with the villagers, friendships that will last a lifetime.
2 - Happy Birthday
  • 2 years long.
  • Begins about 3 years after the end of chapter 1.
  • You and your wife have a child, who is already a toddler.
  • You can pick up your child and play with him!
  • Your house has been added on to.
  • Hugh has become a little bigger, and his clothing changed a bit.
  • Grant, Samantha, and Kate have moved in.
  • The ruins have become bigger.
  • Van sells toys for your child, as well as goats now.
  • You can get the Seed Maker starting in this chapter.
  • You can also get Tartan starting in this chapter.
  • Ducks may show up at your farm starting in this chapter, too.
  • Galen has moved.
3 - Happy Harvesting
  • 3 years long.
  • Begins a few years after the end of chapter 2.
  • Your child is a little older, now. You can give him gifts.
  • Your house has been added on to again.
  • Hugh is a teenager. His clothing and attitude have changed.
  • Lumina is an adult. Her clothing and the tune she plays at the piano have changed.
  • You can buy Daachan from Van.
  • The ruins have grown.
4 - Happy Farm Life
  • 2 years long.
  • Begins a few years after the end of chapter 3.
  • Your child is a teenager.
  • Your house is bigger.
  • You have aged, as have most people in the valley.
  • Hugh and Kate are adults. Their clothing and attitudes have changed.
  • The ruins have grown again.
5 - The Journeying Chapter (Tabidachi no Shou)
  • 1 year long.
  • Begins a few years after the end of chapter 4.
  • Your child is now an adult.
  • The ruins are even bigger.
  • Your child falls in love with either Kate or Lumina.
6 - The Twilight Chapter (Tasogare no Shou)
  • 1 year long.
  • You’ve aged again.
  • Many other people have aged, too.
  • Your son is now sure of what he wants to do with his life.

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