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This section is about the aging feature in AWL, complete with screenshots of various characters (and buildings) in different stages of their life.

In all of these pictures, the screenshot of the person early in the game is on the left, while the picture of them later in the game is on the right.

There are only a few things down so far, but more will be added soon.

As is the case with all my screenshots, you cannot take these to use on your own site without my permission!

Also, this section contains spoilers, so view it at your own risk!



(Chapter 2 & 6)
She must be camera shy...; It's very hard to get pictures of her outside most of the time! Her hair, while not going entirely gray, does have a strong gray tint to it when she eventually ages, and the color of her clothing seems to change slightly. These are her only two stages.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
She also has one other stage between these two, but I do not have a screenshot of it yet. Her clothing, while still the same style, completely changes color as she gets older.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
I think about the only change is in his hair. His clothes look the same, down to the split shoe with the blue sock sticking out. These are his only two stages.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
When she ages, her hair becomes lighter, and her tank top changes color. The piece of cloth she uses to tie her hair in a ponytail with has changed, as well! I think her socks may have changed color, too, but it's hard to tell by those pictures. These are her only two stages in the game.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
The biggest change is in his hair: It goes from brown to brown with a bit of white (not pictured here) to almost fully white. His clothes seem to fade, as well. (Have people really been wearing the same clothes for 30 years??)


(Chapter 1 & 6)
Yes, he and his twin brother, Patrick, are obviously old at the beginning of the game. Yet, unlike the most of the rest of the older folk of the valley, they do actually age! Notice how much lighter his hair is when he gets older.


(Chapter 2 & 6)
Kate as a child and again as an adult. Huge differences, obviously. It isn't just her height that changes: She undergoes a complete makeover, while keeping the same facial style, hair color, and eye color. These are the only two stages that she goes through during the course of the game.


(Chapter 2 & 6)
Like Kate, Lumina undergoes a complete transformation...; Well, almost complete. Certain items of clothing are the same (the headband and bandana). The white blouse is different, though, as it has shorter sleeves when she's younger and long sleeves when she's an adult. But, for the most part, they're different. Much more ladylike. These are the only two stages she goes through during the game.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
Some refer to the young Marlin as "The Elvis Impersonator." His changes are fairly drastic, but I think the picture says everything about them...; He goes from having black hair and a white shirt to white hair and a black shirt! These are his only two stages in the game.


(Chapter 3 & 5)
She ages pretty well, don't you think? Hardly any wrinkles! The biggest changes are in her clothing and hair: They make her look very different. These are her only two stages during the game.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
She ages pretty well, too, though she has more wrinkles than Muffy. (I know, you can't see that in the pic, but when she smiles, she has a fairly noticable wrinkle around her mouth.) These are her only two stages in the game.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
There aren't too many huge changes, except for with his hair...; I'd like to know what happened there, hmm. He must have had a very bad accident while dyeing it or something. Whatever the case, something caused it to turn white prematurely. These are his only two stages in the game. (He's also saying the exact same thing in both of these screens, about how he wants to throw a party of some sort. He's kind of immature...; and will never change, heh.) His eyebrows seem a bit thicker when he's older, too.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
She also has one other stage in between these two, but I don't have a screenshot of it as of yet. The main difference is in her hair, but if you look very, very closely, there is also one slight difference in the color of one or two particular articles of clothing.


(Chapter 2 & 6)
I believe that she also has one other stage, not pictured here. The main changes are in her hair. I don't think her clothing has really changed at all...; Well, her skirt might be a different shade of red.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
He has one other stage in between the two pictures here. His main changes seem to be the color of his hair. It goes from black with a hint of gray to totally white. (He wears those same pants with holes in the knees for thirty years...; Don't you think they'd ever wear out??)


(Chapter 1 & 6)
His hair is mostly white and his clothing fades in color as he gets older, but...; That's about it. He has one other stage between these two, not pictured here.


(Chapter 1 & 6)
He actually has one other stage, but I do not have a screenshot of it yet, sorry. Like most of the people in the village, his hair becomes white as he gets older, and there is at least one tiny difference in his clothing. Can you spot it? (Hint: look at his sleeves.)


(Chapter 2 & 6)
Amazing...; She's the only person I managed to capture screenshots of with almost the exact same distance between her and my character and with her in the exact same pose (though she's not saying the same thing in both of them, nor is she in the same place!). Anyway, Vesta's hair becomes lighter and her shirt and apron change (they both seem darker and the tomato on the apron disappears for some reason or another). These are her only two stages in the game.


(Chapter 2 & 6)
I think these are his only two stages. His hair goes from brown to white, and...; I think that's about it. His tank top might be a slightly different color; it doesn't seem as bright when he's older.


The Inn

(Chapters 1 & 6)
It looks like a relatively new building...; up until chapter 4. (Or was it chapter 5? I've forgotten already.) Whatever the case, it looks like it's in need of a paint job, and it's starting to look a little run down! Most of the buildings in the valley go through an aging process like this, though the changes may not be so...; drastic.

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