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Rival Scenes

Translations not 100% accurate, but you get the gist.

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1st Scene

Triggered by attempting to leave your farm. You’ll see Gustafa and Nami standing on the bridge over the river. Gustafa greets her, but Nami says nothing in return. He doesn’t let that deter him, though. Gustafa then comments on how nice the weather is. But Nami still gives no response.

Concerned, Gustafa asks her what’s wrong. Nami insists that nothing’s wrong, and tells him that if he needs something from her, he should go ahead and say it. He again asks if there’s anything wrong. Nami tells him, she wouldn’t exactly say anything’s wrong, so…

But Gustafa’s still concerned. He tells her that she looks a little red in the face, could she be getting sick? Maybe she has a fever. Nami tells him he’s persistent, and that he shouldn’t care about her.

After Nami says that, they stare at each other in silence for a few moments. Nami soon scratches her head and says she’s going home. She turns and starts to leave, but Gustafa calls her name, and she stops. He walks over to her and offers her a tomato, telling her to take care of herself. Nami takes it and just stands there as Gustafa walks away, a slight smile on her face.

2nd Scene

Triggered by walking out of the Inner Inn.

You’ll spot Nami and Gustafa by the river, Gustafa playing his guitar. Nami’s sitting under a tree in back of him, where he can’t see her, eyes closed, enjoying the music. Nami quickly notices you coming and gets to her feet. She tells you that she enjoys Gustafa’s music a lot; it has a healing effect on her. She wonders aloud whether or not it’s because he’s the one playing the music. She turns to look at Gustafa, still playing, unaware of what’s going on. She turns back to you and smiles, saying that she’s sure that’s why. Still smiling, Nami walks away.

3rd Scene

Triggered by walking out of the Inner Inn on a rainy day.

Gustafa and Nami, who were apparently out wandering around as usual, duck under the eave of the inn’s roof, and Nami complains about how she’s all wet. She hates days like this, she says, because it’s hard to do anything and it puts her in a bad mood.

But Gustafa doesn’t agree. He walks out from under the roof and spreads out his hands, not caring that he’s getting wet. He says that she should be thankful for the rain. Without the rain, there would be no life. All living things depend on rain for water.

Nami walks out from under the roof, and looks up at the sky. She finally agrees with Gustafa, saying that he’s right. Now that Nami’s in a much better mood, the two of them then leave together.


[[ 3rd Scene to come ]]

1st Scene

Triggered by coming out of the other building on Vesta’s farm at a time when both Celia and Marlin are outside.

Celia’s checking over the plants in the field, and Marlin’s watching her. He suddenly turns away, looking nervous about something. He sees you looking at him, and is thouroughly embarrassed. He tells you that, lately, Celia has changed. She has become of age. She seems so much more like a woman, and… he thinks it wouldn’t be too hard for a guy to fall in love with her.

But, Marlin says that if a worthless guy falls for him, he’ll chase him away, since Marlin wants Celia to fall for a guy like… him!

2nd Scene

Triggered by exiting the back door of your barn.

You’ll see Marlin standing by the fence to your pasture, and Celia suddenly runs up, a concerned look on her face. Celia wants to know what’s wrong with him. Lately, she feels as though he’s been avoiding her. She tells him that if she did anything to offend him, he should tell her so that she can apologize and fix the problem.

But Marlin assures her that she’s done nothing. He says that, really, he hasn’t been avoiding her. Celia asks if he means it. He says yes. Celia’s relieved. She tells him that she’s sorry for following him all the way here just to ask that. She then says she needs to get back to helping Vesta, so she says goodbye and leaves.

Marlin then spots you in the pasture, and isn’t too happy at first. He tells you that it’s been 2 years since Celia moved in with him and Vesta. Ever since then, he’s thought of Celia as being merely another member of the family, like a sister, I suppose. But, lately, he’s worried. Now, he’s not sure if the love he has for her is the love one would have for a family member, or the kind of love a man would have for a woman.


1st Scene

Triggered by running past the inn.

You’ll see both Rock and Lumina standing near the inn, and listen in on their conversation.

Rock greets her, and Lumina says a greeting in response. Rock says that she has good timing, there’s something that he really wants to tell her. Lumina asks what it is, and Rock says it’s something about Sebastian.

Rock has only heard it as a rumor, but according to the information he has… He wears a wig. Rock’s thought of different reasons for why he has to wear one, since Sebastian never talks about it. But just when he’s about to offer his reasons, he notices that Lumina’s mad. She refuses to believe it. She tells him he shouldn’t be accusing Sebastian of having to wear one if he doesn’t know for sure. She then runs off, with Rock calling after her.

As she leaves, Lumina spots you. Lumina asks if Rock was telling the truth or not. Sadly, you nod. Lumina shrieks and runs away.

2nd Scene

Triggered by attempting to cross the bridge over the river.

You’ll see Lumina standing on the bluff overlooking the sea, by Vesta’s farm. Rock sees her, too, and calls out to her. Lumina’s annoyed to see him. He asks her what she’s doing there. She tells him it’s none of his business.

So Rock starts making guesses. He can tell she’s worried about something. He thinks it has to do with love, and tells her he’s already made his decision on that!

But Lumina says no, she’s thinking about her parents. Wondering what kind of people they were. Rock is disappointed that she’s thinking about something so… simple. Couldn’t she just ask Sebastian or Romana about them? Lumina says she’s tried, but they never tell her anything. She says she knows nothing about them.

So, Rock suggests that she ought to forget. Lumina says that if she could, she wouldn’t be in this kind of situation!

Rock tells her that, maybe, they feel it’s best if she doesn’t know, and maybe that’s why they won’t tell her anything? He reminds her that she has her grandmother and Sebastian, anyway! He says that if he were her, he wouldn’t let the past get to him like that. What can’t be found shouldn’t bother you. Not to mention, you still have the future to look forward to!

Lumina thinks about that a moment, then smiles. She seems to agree.

Rock turns around and starts talking to himself, amazed that he was actually able to give advice to someone! That’s a first! He thinks he must be becoming a charming, irresistible type of guy.

While he’s talking to himself, Lumina walks away. Rock turns around to see her by the bridge. And quickly runs to join her.

3rd Scene

Triggered by exiting the bar.

You’ll see Lumina and Rock talking on the path that leads up to the mansion. Rock apparently asked Lumina if she’d like to go somewhere with him. Lumina replies that she was just about to go to the forest. She asks if he’d like to go with her? But Rock tells her he’ll take her to a better place than the forest: The sea! Lumina insists that she wants to go to the forest, but Rock gives her no attention. Annoyed, Lumina follows him.

Once at the beach, Lumina accuses Rock of never listening to her. Rock tells her that that’s just what she thinks. She asks him why he wanted to come here. Rock tells her that the sea was calling them. Lumina tells him he’s wrong; it isn’t. Rock seems very confused by this and has no idea what to say for once. Lumina turns away from him and suddenly starts giggling. She tells Rock that he acts just like a little kid. She walks away a few steps, and Rock follows. But, she tells him, he has a bad, selfish part in him, just like she does.

Rock then says that Lumina is a very agreeable girl, doing just what others want her to. She’s very honest, and that’s what he likes about her.

Lumina turns back to him, and tells him that’s the first time anyone’s ever said anything like that to her, and thanks him.

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