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Heart Scenes

Translations aren’t 100% accurate, but you get the gist of it.

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1st Scene

(1 heart in diary)
Triggered by attempting to leave your farm. Must be good weather.

You’ll notice Gustafa playing his guitar under the tree by his yurt, and walk over to him. He’ll ask you if he can talk to you for a moment.

  • Option 1: “Sure.”
  • Option 2: “No.”

Choose Option 1. He’ll comment on how wonderful today is He gets to play his guitar as much as he likes, and the weather is perfect, so it leaves him feeling good. He’ll then comment on how days like this are rare.

  • Option 1: “No they’re not.”
  • Option 2: Yup, they are.”

Choose Option 2. He’ll be happy that you understand his feeling. He’ll then offer to play a song for you.

  • Option 1: “Listen.”
  • Option 2: “Don’t listen.”

Choose Option 1, and Gustafa will sing the first part of the song.

2nd Scene

Triggered by entering Gustafa’s tent.

Gustafa will be pacing around, wondering what he should do today. You’ll walk up to him, when he finally notices you and wonders if you came there just to visit, like you have nothing better to do.

  • Option 1: “Yup.”
  • Option 2: “Nope.”

Choose Option 1. He’ll formally welcome you in, and wonders if you’re taking the day off? He’ll tell you that he was just wondering what to do today, too. He’ll tell you that normally, he spends all his time outside, so he’d never thought of the house as being a place to do anything. He usually spends the day outside, playing music. He then suggests that, perhaps, you two could have a nice, long talk?

  • Option 1: “Okay!”
  • Option 2: “No.”

Select Option 1, and the screen goes dark for a bit, coming back once you to are done talking. Gustafa agrees that sitting in the house and talking with someone for a while is refreshing every once in a while. You smile and nod in agreement. He’ll then say that he feels relaxed when surrounded by all his instruments.

He then asks you if you find the valley interesting. He does, since there’d a variety of people here, and they all live the way they want. He also says that the name of the valley itself appeals to him. He’ll ask how you feel.

  • Option 1: “Say nothing.”
  • Option 2: “I like this place, too.”

Choose Option 2. Gustafa will be very happy to hear that, and tells you that for some reason, he feels quite close to you… He will offer to play the second part of the song for you.

  • Option 1: “Listen.”
  • Option 2: “Don’t listen.”

Select Option 1. You’ll go outside, where you hear the second part of Gustafa’s song.

3rd Scene

Triggered by coming out of your house.

Gustafa came to take a look at the place. He comments on how big it is and says he hopes you don’t mind him coming in without permission. You automatically nod, and he’d relieved.

Gustafa says that he’s planning to go for a walk and asks if you would you like to accompany him.

  • Option 1: “Sure.”
  • Option 2: “No way.”

Choose Option 1. Gustafa will be quite happy, and tell you that he’d like to go walk by the waterfall.

So you two walk up by the spring. Gustafa comments that walks like this can only be on nice days. He also says that for some reason, when he was thinking about taking a walk, you were the first person he thought of for some reason… You’re a very quiet person, he likes people like that.

Looking at the waterfall relaxes him. He wants to know if you find it relaxing, too.

  • Option 1: “I do.”
  • Option 2: “I don’t.”

Choose Option 1. Gustafa will then ask if it’d okay if he plays a song for you.

  • Option 1: “Listen.”
  • Option 2: “Don’t listen.”

Choose Option 1. He’ll then play the next part of the song.

Once he’s done, he’ll give you a Moon Mist flower as thanks for taking the walk with him.

4th Scene

(4 hearts in diary)
Triggered by exiting the inn. It seems to only be able to happen at night.

You see him walk into the bar, and you follow. Once there, Gustafa asks if you’d like to take a drink with him. You automatically nod. Gustafa tells you that he really likes this place, so he comes a lot. He comes here and offers thanks for the good things that happened that day while drinking.

Muffy then makes a random comment to Griffin, asking him what they should do after work. Griffin says he has no idea, he doesn’t understand the girl/boy stuff like that. Muffy giggles and says that’d true.

Gustafa seems to get an idea from that. He asks if you’d like to go stargazing together.

  • Option 1: “Sure.”
  • Option 2: “No.”

Choose Option 1. You and Gustafa will next be standing near the inn, looking at the night sky. Gustafa asks if you think it’s nice. You smile and nod. Gustafa walks a few steps away from you, and tells you that when looking at the stars like this, he feels that he could tell anything to anyone.

  • Option 1: “I have no interest.”
  • Option 2: “Think of something.”

Of course, the next thing Gustafa wants to do is… play a song.

Listen to it, and you’ll hear the last part of the song.


1st Scene

Triggered by entering the house at Vesta’s farm. It seems to be that Marlin just needs to be in the house.

You’ll see Marlin standing facing the shelf where his diary is. He’ll then turn around and notice you and ask you if you’re used to the farm. You nod. Marlin acknowledges that, and…doesn’t know what else to say. A question mark appears over your head as a response to Marlin’s stuttering. Marlin then asks if you need something from him.

  • Option 1: “What are your hobbies?”
  • Option 2: “I’m busy, so I’m going home.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will then tell you that he really doesn’t have any hobbies, unless you count drinking as a hobby. Marlin will then ask if you like vegetables or not.

  • Option 1: “Yes.”
  • Option 2: “No.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will be pleased with that answer, and tells you that you should eat a lot. Lately, the number of people who don’t eat enough vegetables has been growing. And that that could very easily happen to you if you live alone. He then tells you that if you have any questions on vegetables, you should stop by and ask.

  • Option 1: “You’re nice.”
  • Option 2: “No thank you.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will be embarrassed. He’ll turn his back on you and tell you that he’s shy and tells you not to say stuff like that. You get an upset look. But Marlin will assure you that he’s not mad. He’ll just tell you that he doesn’t know how to respond to that (praise, I guess). He’ll then invite you to drop by whenever you want to.

2nd Scene

Triggered by coming out of Vesta’s house when Marlin’s outside. It has to be sunny.

Marlin will be standing over by the scarecrow, thinking about something. You walk up to him, and Marlin, startled, will turn and greet you. Sort of. He greets you with a “Oh, it’s you.”

He’ll tell you he was just thinking of something right now. A question mark appears over your head, and you apparently automatically ask what Marlin was thinking about. Marlin says he won’t tell you.

  • Option 1: “But I want to hear it.”
  • Option 2: “Oh, then I’ll go home.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin still says no, because if he tells you, you’ll think he’s stupid.

  • Option 1: “No, I won’t.”
  • Option 2: “I don’t care, just talk!”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will finally agree to tell you.

Marlin tells you about the nightmare he had the previous night. He dreamed that he was standing on the farm, looking out in the direction of the sea, when Celia called to him. She ran to him, as if to embrace him, and suddenly… Turned into Vesta! He’ll then tell you that you probably think he’s stupid for letting such a dream get to him.

  • Option 1: “No, I don’t think so!”
  • Option 2: “Hahahaha…(laughing).”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will feel a bit relieved. He’ll then comment on how you’re a very nice girl, and will give you a vegetable juice.

3rd Scene

Triggered by attempting to cross the bridge over the river.

You’ll see Celia and Marlin standing by the edge of the river, talking. Celia comments on how watching the water flow can calm the spirit. Marlin agrees. Celia then spots you and calls a greeting to you. Marlin greets you too…sort of. He just says something like, “Oh, it’s you…”
Celia gets an idea then. She yawns and pretends like she’s suddenly become very tired. A “!” appears over your and Marlin’s heads, and Marlin asks if she’s okay. Celia says she’s fine. But, since Marlin was worried that something might be wrong, she’ll go and take a little rest. She then turns to you and apologizes, asking you to continue the conversation with Marlin. Celia then runs back to the house, smiling.

Marlin has no idea of what to say to you. He asks if you want to talk to him.

  • Option 1: “Yes.”
  • Option 2: “No.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin said it’s not often that he likes to talk to people, it’s tough for him. So he’s not sure if really… But he’ll give it a try. He’ll ask how you like it here. Is everything going well?

  • Option 1: “Yep, it is.”
  • Option 2: “Not really.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will say that’s good. You automatically ask how he’s doing, and he’ll say he’s managing. When he first came here, he had all sorts of things on his mind.

Instead of continuing, Marlin turns his attention to a fish that he just saw jumping in the river and turns the conversation over to that. Marlin will ask If you fish. You just smile in response. Marlin suddenly stands up, very nervous, and, stuttering, tells you he’s going home. He runs off without another word.

4th Scene

Triggered by walking (or riding) onto Vesta’s farm.

You’ll see Marlin standing by one of the windmills. He’ll greet you, but tell you that he’s not really in the mood to talk right now.

  • Option 1: “What’s wrong?”
  • Option 2: “Bleh! Then I’ll go elsewhere.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will tell you he was thinking of the past. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with an illness and couldn’t work in the city anymore. So he came here. But, even after five years, his condition hasn’t improved at all. The doctor said he would probably get better just to make him feel better, but…it didn’t happen. Marlin wonders if he’ll have to be like this for the rest of his life.

  • Option 1: “No you won’t!”
  • Option 2: “Maybe so…”

Choose Option 1. Marlin will ask what do you know? And just when he thought you didn’t understand him… He asks you to understand more.

  • Option 1: “Keep it up.”
  • Option 2: “Ah, well, bye.”

Choose Option 1. Marlin won’t be sure of what to say, but he’ll calm down. He’ll tell you he’s going back into the house. Right before he opens the door, he’ll turn back to you and thank you.


Murder Mystery?!

Triggered by walking in front of the Inner Inn.

You’lll spot Rock and Lumina standing on the pathway that leads to the mansion. Rock wants Lumina to come and hang out with him for awhile, but Lumina literally runs away, leaving him alone. Rock, wanting to hang out with someone, (preferably a female, I’d presume), and then sees you. He runs to you and asks if you’ll go with him.

  • Option 1 “Go home.”
  • Option 2: “Are you trying to pick me up?”

Select Option 2. Rock will insist he’s not trying to pick you up. He then asks if you see him as that kind of guy.

  • Option 1: “Yes, so goodbye!” (This will hurt your relationship with him.)
  • Option 2: “What do you want?”

Select Option 2. He will then say that there really isn’t anything here. So he will kind of… show you around, I guess. You look nervous/upset about that, and Rock tells you not to worry. He will then tell you that the two of you should try befriending each other, after all, you’ve just moved here and will probably be staying here a long time. He then tells you that he can’t do much of anything else anyway, as he has no money.

Rock will then remember that there is something interesting he wants to show you. He tells you to follow him.

He takes you to the turtle pond… where something seems to be horribly wrong! The turtle appears to be… dead! Rock’s convinced this is the work of a naughty, no-good child. You know, someone like… Hugh. He tells you that although Hugh looks cute, he’s actually quite naughty. Anyway, while he’s rambling, he turns away from you and the turtle. The turtle comes back to its senses and runs away. You do too. Rock turns around and is quite startled to see that he’s all alone!

Rock vs. Dog

Triggered by walking out of your house.

You hear your dog bark, and turn around to see Rock, dozing by the infertile field on your farm. He tells the dog that it’s annoying him. Your dog just barks again. This time he says something like, “Okay, I get it. I’m getting up, okay?”

Rock gets up, and sees you standing there, looking at him. He asks what you’re doing there.

  • Option 1: “What are YOU doing?”
  • Option 2: “Get outta here.”

Choose Option 1. Rock will tell you, though he warns you it’s a long story. He gave it the title of “Deadly Combat: Rock vs. Dog,” or something along those lines. He then asks if you want to hear Volume 1 of the story.

  • Option 1: “Yes!”
  • Option 2: “No thank you.”

Choose Option 1, and Rock will start his story.

He and the dog just met not too long ago. Rock came to your farm to stop by a visit. He wonders how much the place would sell for… But, anyway, he’s wondering if you will be surprised by his visit. He will bet that you weren’t expecting the guy you like to come by. And since he’s kind of gone out of his way to come visit you, he’s hoping you will give him a free meal or something.

As he’s still talking to himself about these matters, your dog comes up to him. He comments on what a cute dog it is, and says that he likes dogs. He wants to have one himself. But, of course, he doesn’t have the money to buy one. He wonders how much your dog would sell for.

I guess the dog understood what he was talking about, for then the camera pans to a different angle, and the dog attacks him. The camera turns back to the angry Rock and your dog. Rock tells the dog that anyone who does such underhanded attacks annoys him. So he tells the dog they will have a contest!

Rock then asks if you want to hear the next part.

  • Option 1: “Listen.”
  • Option 2: “Don’t listen.”

If you choose Option 1, he will continue.

Rock and your dog raced around the farm. They raced three times, Rock won all three. He will then comment on your dog seems to be in a bad mood, so Rock decides to leave.

Afternoon Nap

Triggered by attempting to leave your farm in the late morning/early afternoon.

Rock is dozing by the river. You see him and walk over to him. He sees you and asks if you plan to take an afternoon nap too.

  • Option 1: “No, but…”
  • Option 2: “Not with you.”

Choose Option 1. Rock will get a slightly sad look on his face, but say that’s fine. He says that he enjoys taking afternoon naps like this a lot. It puts you in a good mood, and feels good, too.

He will then stand up and tell you that he thinks there may be a value in work too, though. Having money and bring you joy. But Rock finds that relaxing and doing things like taking midday naps is much more fulfilling for him than work. He will then ask if you think the same thing.

  • Option 1: “Yep.”
  • Option 2: “I’m offended, goodbye.”

Choose Option 1. Rock will be happy to know that you feel the same way. He will say that he somehow knew that you’d agree with him! He thinks there aren’t too many people around who think like you two do. He actually feels sorry for all those who aren’t like you.

He then talks about your farm. He doesn’t really understand what all is involved with it, but he thinks there isn’t anything that really NEEDS to be done on it. You can take it easy. He says that since this place is called Forget-me-not Valley, it would be nice if you could forget about everything and just live a life of relaxation!

Rock thinks about what he just said for a moment, and then comes to the conclusion that he said some really great stuff today. He even surprised himself.

  • Option 1: “Yup, yup!”
  • Option 2: “Idiot…”

Choose Option 1; he won’t appreciate being called a “baka.” He will be happy again, glad that you heard him all the way to the end.

Gossip, or…?

(4 hearts in diary)
Triggered by entering the inn.

Tim and Ruby will be talking to each other when you enter. Ruby warmly welcomes you, and then tells you that she wants to talk with you about something. She wants to know if now is a good time.

  • Option 1: “What is it?”
  • Option 2: “Sorry, I’m a bit busy…

Choose Option 1. She will say that lately, she’s noticed that you and Rock seem to be very close with each other. Ruby wants to know what the heck you see in Rock that makes you like him. She says that she thinks you must have a very large heart to like someone like him. She apparently never thought that Rock would be in this kind of situation, and wonders if it’s possible for someone to be with him… always?

Ruby probably had more to say, but the Rock entered. You, Tim, and Ruby all get a “!” above as your heads and turn to him, at the entranceway. Rock wonders why you all look surprised to see him. He says he will leave again.

  • Option 1: “Follow him.”
  • Option 2: “Don’t follow.”

Choose Option 1. You will follow him outside. He will say that he heard some of what you and Ruby talked about. But, he doesn’t realize you were talking about him. He thinks you were talking about Marlin. He’s certain that Marlin’s in love with Celia. But he thinks a relationship between the two of them might be impossible. No one can push them into a relationship. He seems to think that a girl would be happier with him, anyway.

  • Option 1: “I think you’re right.”
  • Option 2: “Sorry.”

Option 1: Rock’s happy that you agree, but isn’t sure he’s willing to tie the knot with anyone just yet. But, he thinks that if he married you, that would be quite fun. A “!” appears over your head. Rock gets a worried look and asks if that was too forward. The annoyed black scribble thingy appears over your head. Rock then wonders if, um, he should go somewhere else, so he leaves.

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