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Before you can fish, you must acquire the Fishing Rod from Van, which can be bought for 500G. You can also get a better fishing rod from Galen.

Simply equip it as if it were a tool, stand by a body of water, and press A. Wait until you start hearing little plopping noises and the screen shakes just slightly — that alerts you that a fish is biting. Wait until the water splashes and you hear a larger plopping noise, then press A to reel the fish in. Be careful not to press A too early or you’ll lose your catch!

There are four areas where you can fish: Upstream, downstream, the spring, and the swamp. The river that runs through the valley just next to Vesta’s farm is home to the upstream and downstream areas: The upstream area would be the area near the waterfall, or the upper half of the river. The downstream area would be the southern half of the river. As for the spring, it’s located up in the forest area where the “lamp” trees thrive, and the Harvest Sprites refer to it as a Goddess Pond. The swamp area is near Cody’s house, where the neat little turtle likes to hang out.

Fish can be only sold to Van while he’s at his shop. They may also be used for cooking or given as gifts.

Fish Selling Price Location
Arna 400G Swamp
Big Arna 800G Swamp
Colombo 20G Downstream
Big Colombo 40G Downstream, Spring
Huchep 90G Upstream
Big Huchep 170G Upstream
Nyamame 60G Upstream
Big Nyamame 130G Upstream
Rainbob 80G Downstream, Spring
Big Rainbob 160G Downstream, Spring
Sharshark 600G Far Downstream
Big Sharshark 1200G Far Downstream
Snelt 30G Downstream
Big Snelt 60G Downstream
Yamame 500G Upstream
Big Yamame 1000G Upstream

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