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We aren’t going to present any organized information just yet; we’re currently in the process of compiling it all. However, to hold you all over, we’ll be listing the new features found in AWL FG, as told by Akie!

Changing Outfits

Yes, you can change outfits, but no, you don’t start off with all the outfits we’ve seen in the official art. You have to buy them from Van.

He started selling them in the summer of the first chapter for me, but it could be different for you. (I don’t know if the outfits he has available has anything to do with linking up to More Friends of Mineral Town.)

You can see that they start out cheap, but these outfits really get expensive as the game goes on! xx; I don’t know if there’s a maximum price. Here’s a little table with info about them:

Picture Outfit Buying Price
Default Outfit Free
Outfit 1 Outfit 1 500G
Outfit 2 Outfit 2 1000G
Outfit 3 Outfit 3 1500G
Outfit 4 Outfit 4 2000G
Outfit 5 Outfit 5 2500G
Outfit 6 Outfit 6 3000G
Outfit 7 Outfit 7 3500G
Money Making

In the guy version, selling tree seeds (or Ruby’s Spice) was a good way to make money. Well, they GREATLY reduced the price of trees; the most expensive tree seed is a little less than 300G! So, while selling tree seeds can still make you a fair amount of money, you have to sell more seeds. Also, they fixed the glitch that allowed you to duplicate Ruby’s Spice… Darn. Oh well. >< However, you are allowed to ship ANY kind of vegetable or fruit to town, so that's nice.


Yeah, you do have rivals for the guy’s affection, but… Well, I haven’t seen much in this regard, heh. I got two rival events in Chapter 1, but, frankly, only one girl seemed like she had the potential to be a problem, and I wasn’t going for the guy that she likes, so… It wasn’t a problem at all.

Character Personalities/Dialogue/Looks

Things changed a little in this regard.

The only person with a makeover is Nami - Her hair is quite messy; it always looks like she got out of bed without brushing it or something. But some of the character’s dialogue is more varied (Once again, Nami’s a good example of this). Some of the character’s personalities are a bit different, too: Marlin is very nice, and Rock is, well, um, more insane…


Holy cow, this changed. A lot!

The grass in your pasture is short and unhealthy, and won’t grow until you fertilize it. Fortunately, fertilizer is much cheaper in this game (40G), and once you fertilize a square of grass once, it seems like it NEVER has to be fertilized again. Even if you cut the grass, it will grow back on its own. It’s a new challenge, that’s for sure…


Not used to change clothes, when you look into it, you can tell what kind of mood the main character’s in. Sometimes it tells you bad things about your appearance, i.e. dark spots under the eyes.

Detailed DiaryDetailed Diary

Now, from the diary menu, if you check the farm stats, you can tell a lot of things. You can check your husband’s affection for you, your child’s interests, your animals’ affection, how much you’ve shipped, your own stamina and how hungry you are, etc. - VERY useful.

The Dog

You can bring him in the house now, and play with him. Playing with him raises his affection for you, and there’s also a meter in the diary that shows how good he is at the tricks you’ve been teaching him. (You can just do minor tricks, like a hand shake, or make him jump, things like that.)


Just a minor difference here. When you have a cow seeded, it only takes 20 days for her to give birth.

Chapter Information
Character Profiles
Farm Map
Heart Scenes
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