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Farm Map

Your farm is one of the biggest places in the valley... and there's quite a bit to it!

1. Your House

It starts off as a very small cabin, with only one room and not much decor... But as the game progresses, it gets bigger (and fancier), reaching its peak in chapter 4, with two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen . Not to mention a toilet room and bathroom.

2. Takakura's House

Takakura's tiny cabin. This place never changes. The interior will only change once Tsurutan comes along. Takakura's house is one of the few places you can go into even when the owner of the home isn't inside.

3. The Barn

Naturally, this is where you keep your cows, horse, goats, and sheep. You can fit up to eight animals inside the barn. The silo is that round building right next to it, where fodder is stored. You can access it from inside the barn.

4. Chicken Coop

This is where you keep chickens and ducks. A total of 8 birds can be kept inside.

5. Pasture

By ringing a bell just outside the door to the barn that leads to the pasture, you can allow all your animals outside. Ringing a bell inside the barn will bring all the animals in. The pasture will change colors with the seasons.

6. Food Storage Room

This is where you can ship items to town, order items and animals, and sell animals. You just put down what you want to do in the notebook, and Takakura will do it for you! There is also a large freezer inside where you can store milk, eggs, and produce. The production room is built right next to it.

7. Tool Shed

This is where you store the tools you don't want to carry. Things like the calf hatch are here, and there is also a cabinet to store things like flowers, records, and seeds. The milking room is built right in back of it.

8. Unfertile Soil

This is the patch of land closest to your house, and it just so happens to be the least fertile of the three patches of soil. Only first generation crops and trees (and those that have been mixed with a Tsuchishirazu flower) can be grown here. Planting a second or third generation crop here will kill it, so be very, very careful.

9. Somewhat Fertile Soil

The soil here is a bit better than the unfertile one, but you still can't grow third generation crops here! Only first and second. It's the same size as the unfertile soil.

10. Fertile Soil

Thankfully, the area with the most fertile soil just happens to also be the largest! This is much bigger than the other two plots of land, and anything can be grown here.

11. Pump

This is where you fill up your watering can.

12. Horse Stable

You can never get inside this tiny building, but according to the manual, it's where you keep your horse... Yet you keep your horse inside the barn. Perhaps this was meant to be the stable, but they abandoned that idea later on during development and just decided to lock the door of the place so you could never access it rather than deleting it altogether. Or maybe there is some way to unlock that we just don't know about yet!

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