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The main characters of this game are your character, her husband, and their son, meaning that events later on in your life will be different depending on who it is you are married to. You don’t really have any rivals for the guys’ affection, but there can be some complications..


The main character: you assign her a name, and shell act however you want her to. Shes the owner of a ranch, recently moved to Forget-Me-Not Valley to start a new life.



One of the three men you can marry, meaning hes a potential main character. He’s a traveling musician, going around the world with his lute. Animals really seem to like his music, too. You’ll rarely find him at his home: he’s out playing his lute most of the time. He can be found in the bar quite a bit, too.

He really likes clay figurines and crystals you find in the ruins, as well as flowers and milk. For more on him, check the Marriage section.

MarlinMarlin (Masshu)

One of the three men you can marry, meaning hes a potential main character. Vesta’s younger brother, he works at the farm that Vesta owns. He is very unfriendly but might warm up to you a little bit. Beware, however–he has a soft spot Celia, so she acts as an almost “rival” for his affection in this game.

You can give him vegetables, though he only likes ones of S quality. For more on him, check the Marriage section.

RockRock (Rokku)

One of the three men you can marry, meaning hes a potential main character. The son of the innkeepers, Tim and Ruby (though he looks nothing like them). He has a bit of an attitude problem, and is almost never at home: He wanders around the valley all day long.
He likes things you find in the ruins, fodder (!), and Mist Moon flowers (flowers that only grow during the summer).

For more on him, check the Marriage section.


He lives at your farm, and will ship items to town for you and will also buy animals, tools, and whatever else you need from town, too - If you have the money, that is! He pays for necessary home extensions himself, though.
He really likes your home cooking. He’ll take any cooked dish.



An archeologist. He’s very serious about his work, and good at it, too. You can help him out by working in the ruins. But when it comes to females and children… He knows nothing about them (That includes his assistant, Flora). You’ll find him in the ruins most of the time.
He enjoys gifts of melons and cheese.

FloraFlora (Furora)

Carter’s assistant. She’s very indecisive and a bit dim, though she is quite friendly and polite. She’s in the ruins quite often, but likes to go out and take walks near the river.
She likes fish.


WallyWally (Suary)

I don’t know what he does for a job (I think he works in town), but he’s very serious about exercise. He has training equipment all over his house. His wife is Chris, and Hugh is their son.
He likes eggs.


ChrisChris (Kurisu)

She’s Wally’s wife and Hugh’s mother. She works in town, and isn’t around all that often.
She really likes flowers.



The son of Wally and Chris. He’s a child at the beginning of the game, but gets older with each chapter. Like his father, he is very serious about exercise. He’s very friendly to everyone, including Kate, who teases him quite often.
In Chapter 1, he greatly appreciates gifts of cow’s milk.
Starting in Chapter 2, he likes things such as the blue crystals and coins you find in the ruins.


GrantGrant (Gurato)

He works in Mineral Town (I think), so you don’t see him that often. He’s a bit afraid of his wife, Samantha, and tries to stay away from home as much as he can. He always looks very worried.
He likes eggs and cow’s milk.


SamanthaSamantha (San)

Grant’s wife and Kate’s mother. She visits people around town much of the time, so you’ll see her at the inn, the mansion, and a few other places when she’s not at home. She’s strict with Kate, because she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up to be a tomboy.
She likes flowers and milk.



The daughter of Grant and Samantha. Her mother accuses her of being tomboyish, which causes Kate to try to be out of the house as much as she can. Kate is bored in the country, claiming that there’s nothing to do, though she does say that playing with Hugh is fun. She claims she doesn’t tease him, that she’s only playing, and that Hugh just doesn’t know the difference.
She likes flowers, coins, and crystals.
She doesn’t like eggs and vegetable cake.


VestaVesta (Besuta)

The owner of the plantation that Celia works for, making her Celia’s boss. She runs the farm with her brother, Marlin. She’s very kind-hearted and willing to help out people in whatever way she can, but is rather nosy and can be pushy sometimes, too (Especially with Marlin).
She likes flowers and cow’s milk.



The owner of the mansion at the villa. She’s very friendly and quite close with her granddaughter, Lumina. Romana and Sebastian were among the very first people to come to the valley.
She really likes flowers, oranges, and milk.
She does not like fish and cheese.



Yet another girl who grows up during the course of the game. Lumina is Romana’s granddaughter, a shy girl who is trying to master playing the piano. Samantha thinks of her as an ideal girl and wishes that Kate would grow up to be just like her.
Lumina loves flowers.



Romana’s butler. He’s been working with her since they were both little, so they’re pretty good friends. He loves to paint and draw.
He really likes crystals and figurines you find in the ruins, as well as things like eggs and milk.


KasseyKassey (Kesaran)

Doesn’t that smiley face on his overalls fit him perfectly…? ^^; This gruff-looking guy makes fireworks. He makes them using a special, secret formula that he won’t give to anyone.
He and Patrick really like crystals you find in the ruins.


Patrick (Pesaran)

He’s Kassey’s twin brother. They both make fireworks. The only difference in their appearance is that Patrick wears greenish overalls and has a big flower on the front. Kassey wears blue overalls with one of those “Have a nice day” type of smiley faces on it.

TimTim (Tei)

He’s the owner of the inn, which he runs with his wife, Ruby. Rock is their son. He loves to talk, and will brag a lot about how he’s been all over the world and how Ruby is the best cook he’s ever known.
He really likes cow’s milk.


RubyRuby (Ru)

Ruby works at the inn, which she manages with her husband, Tim. Rock is their son. Tim loves to brag about how good of a cook Ruby is, and Nami claims that one of the things keeping her in the valley is that you can’t get cooking like Ruby’s anywhere else! Ruby is very kind and polite to everyone, though she has a bit of trouble with Murray..
She really likes flowers and cow’s milk.



She’s a wanderer, going wherever she wants and doing whatever pleases her. She’s not very friendly, and has a bit of an attitude problem. Nami only planned to stay in Forget-Me-Not Valley for a short period of time, but keeps changing her mind…

MurrayMurray (Moi)

A… hobo. He has no home and is trying to get the money to go back home to “Popo Valley,” wherever that may be. Daryl dislikes him because he unwittingly foils his plans to catch Mukumuku. He may try to steal things from your farm once in a while, so beware.
Murray likes anything that’s edible.


CeliaCelia (Sepiria)

She moved here not too long ago from a far-away town, where her parents and brother still live. She’s a bit childish at times, and a bit of a loner. She loves nature.

GriffinGriffin (Gafan)

The owner of the bar, making him Muffy’s boss. He loves his guitar, and loves to talk. You can’t give him any items while he’s working, so be sure to give him a gift in the morning, before he goes behind the counter.
He likes fish and coins.
He does not like butter.


GalenGalen (Gari)

A man who has lived in the valley for a long time, he does his best to help newcomers. He lives with his wife, Nina - until Chapter 2, anyway.
He likes most vegetables, fish, and herbs.


MuffyMuffy (Mumu)

She used to work as a secretary in the city, but now lives in Forget-Me-Not Valley and works part-time at the bar. She’s apparently quite curious about the outside world and wants to travel. Muffy’s a bit flirty at times, fairly outgoing, and very friendly.


DarylDaryl (Dariru)

The local scientist. He likes to “study” various things, including cows, how to care for children, and Mooky. He isn’t very friendly, either, and doesn’t like to talk to you when he’s in his house most of the time.

He likes eggs, as well as fossils and coins you find in the ruins.



Galen’s wife, she isn’t in the game for very long.
She likes flowers, vegetables, and most herbs you find in the wild.


VanVan (Ban)

This man sells various goods, and is always searching for unusual things to sell. He is one who can visit Mineral Town if you link the two games together.
He really likes unusual things you find in the ruins (in other words, almost anything!).


CodyCody (Goudi)

An artisan. He’s a tough and unfriendly fellow, though he will warm up to you a bit if you give him crystals, fossils, and flowers.


HardyHardy (Baddoku)

The local doctor, the person whom he mainly watches over is Romana in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, he keeps a close eye on Galen. He looks very frightening, but is incredibly nice, cares about others, and will tell you just how he got that scar and lost his eye if you befriend him.
He really likes fossils.



A… teddy bear. An enchanted teddy bear. His full role in the game is currently unknown. You can buy him from Van for 1200G in Chapter 3.


MukumukuMukumuku (Mooky)

Referred to by the Harvest Sprites as the “guardian of the forest,” this must be some sort of sacred creature. You’ll see him wandering around at the spring from time to time.
He likes flowers.


TartanTartan (Tsurutan)

A plant that Takakura brings home one day. Tartan can create hybrid seeds if you become good friends with it! Just feed two vegetables to Tartan and see if it comes up with something interesting.
However, Tartan hates carrots. If you want to feed Tartan a carrot, you’ll have to make sure it’s a bag of carrot seeds. Otherwise, Tartan won’t take it.
More on Tartan and hybrid crops are in a separate section.

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