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The Marriage System

If you’ve played the guy version of the game, you probably won’t have any problem with the marriage system. It’s almost exactly the same. But for those of you who have never played the guy version, here’s a little primer.

For one, marriage is required. If you don’t get married at the end of Chapter 1, the game will end. You can propose as soon as you get the Blue Feather (though, chances are, the guy won’t take it right away, so don’t be disappointed if he refuses to accept it at first), but you won’t get married until the end of the first year.

House Extensions: None are required. While there are many farm extensions you may order at your own pace (production room, duck pond, chicken pen, etc.) your house will automatically be enlarged in Chapters 2, 3, and 4.

Other Requirements: You absolutely need –

  • to have at least one of the men up to 4 red hearts (check his diary)
  • a Blue Feather

If you don’t propose by the end of Chapter 1, then whichever guy happens to like you the most will come to your house and propose to you. (You still end up giving the Blue Feather to him, though.)

The only major difference between the guy version and girl version is this: In the guy version, while Marlin did try to stir up a bit of trouble for you at one point, you did not have any clear-cut rivals for the girls affections. In the girl version, however, you do. But, since the couples don’t get married, the other girls don’t present much of a problem for you.


Where he lives: Vesta’s Farm
Where he works: Vesta’s Farm
Your Rival: Celia

Daily Schedule (Before Marriage): He generally gets up at 6, and often spends the entire day on Vesta’s farm. If he goes out, he usually heads to the bar or the waterfall. He’s never very hard to find.
Daily Schedule (After Marriage): He wakes up at 6AM and goes to bed around 10 to 10:30 (depending on the chapter).

Marlin may seem very cold and rude at first, but if you get to know him a bit better, he will open up. He’s very anti-social, and not sure how to act around other people.

Your rival is Celia, the girl who moved in with Vesta and Marlin a few years ago. She’s a very strong rival, though she has no idea that Marlin is falling in love with her. Chances are you’ll run into at least their first event during your courtship, but don’t let that worry you.

Likes: Milk, All drinks, Curry
Dislikes: [[ Incomplete ]]

Diary: Marlin’s diary is located on the first floor of the house at Vesta’s farm, by the wall near Marlin and Vesta’s beds.


Where he lives: The Inner Inn
Where he works: He doesn’t work.
Your Rival: Lumina

Daily schedule (Before Marriage): It varies, but he generally gets up around noon, and spends a lot of time by the goddess pond.
Daily Schedule (After Marriage): He wakes up at 6AM(!) and goes to bed at 10 or 10:30PM (depending on the chapter). He does tend to go out a lot during the day, but usually hangs around the farm.

Rock is a very odd person. He might be very lazy and do no work whatsoever, but he has a vivid imagination. And he really likes girls. Not to mention he looks nothing like his parents!

Your rival for his affection is Lumina, the girl who lives at the mansion. But she isn’t much of a threat. For one, she’s eleven years younger than Rock and barely a teenager. Also, Rock doesn’t seem too serious with his relationship with her. He just likes girls in general. Age doesn’t matter.

Likes: Mist Moon flowers, Toy Flowers, Fodder (for some weird reason)
Dislikes: Goat milk, Food Fiascos (Failed Recipes)

Diary: Rock’s diary is located in his room at the inn, on the table next to his dresser.


Where he lives:A tent near the beach
Where he works: He’s a wandering minstrel.
Your Rival: Nami

Daily schedule (Before Marriage): Fairly random. He generally wakes up around 10AM, but some days he’ll be much earlier. Sometimes you can see him playing music under the tree near his house. He also wanders all over the place, so he can be a tough one to find.
Daily Schedule (After Marriage): He gets up at 6AM and goes to bed around 10 to 10:30PM (depending on the chapter).

Gustafa is very calm and cool. He’s very carefree and doesn’t seem to care for work too much. And he’s completely obsessed with music.

Your rival for his affection is Nami, the unsociable wanderer who lives at the Inner Inn (and is the only one of your rivals who isn’t still in her teens). At first she doesn’t seem to care much for Gustafa, but after you’ve seen their first scene, she begins to fall for him.

Likes: Flowers, milk, a lot of things from the ruins
Dislikes: [[ Incomplete ]]

Diary: Gustafa’s diary is located on the sofa in the back of his tent.

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